Margot Robbie had three shots of tequila to shoot her most embarrassing scene in “Wolf of Wall Street”

The actress said the tequila helped her keep her hands from shaking and gave her a little confidence. (Photo: Reproduction)

Margot Robbie had a sudden career transformation when she went from short series to the first major feature film of her career: The Wolf of Wall Street. In the film, she would work with renowned Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey, being directed by Martin Scorsese.

With so much responsibility on your hands, it’s more than understandable to feel enormous nervousness when working on a project like this, especially with somewhat complex and compromising sequences.

In an interview with The New York Times, Robbie recalled being nervous for a very specific scene in Wolf of Wall Street, one of the first she filmed. The scene showed her character completely naked in a doorway.

It’s worth mentioning that she insisted on being filmed like this, although, personally, she also preferred to wear a robe. The actress felt that her character would not be shy about being naked in front of many people, and she wanted to keep it that way to maintain authenticity.

That didn’t stop her from getting nervous when it came to being on set and filming the scene. Robbie remembers shaking so much that he thought he wouldn’t be able to record it, until a crew member saw his stress and offered him a unique solution: “I had three shots of tequila, then took off my clothes and did the scene. I was fine. She helped keep my hands from shaking and gave me a little bit of confidence.”

Margot Robbie was able to film the embarrassing scene without difficulty, even joking about it in the interview: “Acting lesson: drink three and you’ll be fine.”

In the film’s plot, for six months, Jordan Belfort, DiCaprio’s character, worked hard at a Wall Street brokerage, following the teachings of his mentor Mark Hanna. When he finally manages to be hired as a broker for the firm, Black Monday happens, causing the stock markets of several countries to suddenly fall.

Jobless and quite ambitious, he ends up working for a backyard company that deals in low-value securities that are not on the stock market. It is there that Belfort has the idea of ​​setting up a company focused on this type of business, whose sales are lower, but, on the other hand, the return for the broker is much more advantageous.

Alongside Donnie (Jonah Hill) and other old-time friends, he creates Stratton Oakmont, a company that makes everyone get rich fast and also lead a life dedicated to pleasure.