Noctua launches solution for thermal paste not falling off the sides of AMD AM5 processors

A kind of cover will prevent thermal paste from “running” into the openings on the top of the processors.

As soon as the OMG unveiled the design of the processors Ryzen 7000 for socket AM5, with an imposing and very beautiful look, many users were left wondering how the issue of the famous “fall” of thermal paste on the sides of the processor would be in practice, something very common especially for those who work with constant tests and overclocking of processors. Noctua, a renowned company in the field of solutions for processor heat dissipation, announced a solution through an “adapter” that blocks the openings, thus preventing the thermal paste from falling through them. Through Noctua NA-STPG1 the user has a simple solution that will partially cover the openings and avoid a mess of thermal paste on the capacitors, which in practice is much more a visual problem than a technical one. Noctua recommends using its thermal paste solutions, as the “adapter” may not behave optimally with other solutions.

Soon we will receive the solution and we will make our considerations

According to AMD, these inputs were necessary because the processor’s capacitors are located on the top, not the bottom in the center as in the case of Intel. These capacitors cannot be in contact with any material on the top, so the solution found was to make the “openings” to leave them free, and despite the very cool look, this issue of thermal paste was created, which in practice it’s not a big problem, but for micros it’s a very common thing to come to mind as soon as they see one of AMD’s Zen4 AM5 processors. There is a theoretical possibility, without any confirmation, of changes in the sides of future AM5 models, as they do not impact incompatibilities if the body in the maximum limitations are maintained.

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