NUBANK releases LOAN with first payment in 90 days; see how to request

O Nubank offers a personal loan with a term of up to 90 days to start paying. The modality has special conditions and, for this reason, it usually attracts the attention of many fintech users. In addition, the service can be performed 100% online, through the bank’s application.

Check out more information about the service below. Nubank and see how to request it.

Nubank loan with special conditions

In addition to the 90-day grace period to start paying off the loan, the digital bank allows the debt to be paid in up to 24 installments. The customer can also choose the best payment date and amount of installments through the application.

The service is easy to request, as the procedure is carried out, from start to finish, through the bank’s application. To find out if there is a pre-approved limit for you, access the app and check the contracting conditions. See the steps below:

  1. open the application of Nubankavailable for Android and iOS;
  2. Click on the “Loan” tab;
  3. Select the option “Simulate Loan”;
  4. Inform the reason for making the loan;
  5. Set the mode;
  6. Enter the desired value;
  7. Choose the number of installments;
  8. Establish the best payment date (with a grace period of up to 90 days);
  9. See the conditions offered;
  10. If you agree with everything, complete the operation.

Loan payment occurs monthly through the digital bank account. Therefore, the customer must deposit the amount of the installment in his account so that it is debited on the due date. In case of delay, a fixed fine of 2% is charged, in addition to interest.

Nubank Card 2022

O Nubank is responsible for one of the most desired credit cards in the country. This is because the tool is full of advantages, such as not having an annual fee, for example. However, to have access to it, you must meet certain requirements. See below what are the criteria and how to apply for a fintech credit card.

How does the Nubank card work?

Launched in 2014, the fintech credit card has helped millions of consumers. In short, there are no fees for using the card, the only exceptions being the use of Nubank Rewards, which is the Nubank and for overdue invoice.

Check the conditions of the tool below:

  • Revolving credit interest: 2.75% to 14% per month;
  • Interest on invoice installments: 0.99% to 13.75% per month;
  • Late interest: 1.99% to 15% per month + 1% late payment per month;
  • Late fee: 2% on the amount not paid;
  • Personal loan: from 0.95% per month;
  • Interest on credit card withdrawals: 9.75% per month.

Regarding the advantages of the card, we can mention:

  • Installment of cash purchases on credit;
  • Anticipation of purchases in installments with the right to a discount on the final value;
  • 24-hour service via app for Android and iOS;
  • Limit increase also by the app;
  • Creation of virtual card;
  • Cell phone recharge;
  • Contactless payment;
  • Among other benefits.

How to apply for a Nubank credit card?

Before applying for a credit card Nubankthe interested party must verify that it meets the requirements required by the bank, which are:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Live in Brazil;
  • Have a smartphone with Android or iOS operating system.

Checking these criteria, simply request the tool through the browser or through the application. See the step by step below:

Browser request

  1. Enter the address: “” (without quotes) in the browser’s search tab;
  2. Enter your CPF and click on “Continue”;
  3. Enter your full name and email;
  4. Select if you want just the credit card or it with NuConta;
  5. Check the box agreeing with the company’s privacy policy;
  6. Finish by clicking on “Send”.

Application request

  1. Install the app on your Android or iOS phone;
  2. Once on the platform, click on “Start”;
  3. Enter your personal data (name, CPF, e-mail) and click on “Continue”;
  4. After filling in all the data, tap “Accept and continue” to agree to the company’s privacy policy.

See what success is on the Internet:

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