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Gabriel Mercado’s seriousness extends from the pitch to the outside of the four lines. Asked about his good performance and for “putting in his pocket” Pedro and Gabigol in the 0-0 draw with Flamengo, the Inter defender adopted a respectful tone and avoided any kind of joke or provocation.

The experienced Argentine defender had another high-profile performance and with each round he proves his worth to the team and to Mano Menezes’ group. Faced with the powerful red-black attack, he disarmed, anticipated and won duels against the opposing attackers.

– I don’t like to talk like that. I respect them a lot, they are national team players. It’s very important when you face the level of these players and don’t concede a goal. In three days, we will have a final with Goiás – summarized Mercado in the mixed zone of Maracanã.

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Pedro disputing the ball with Mercado in Flamengo x Internacional — Photo: Marcelo Cortes/ Flamengo

Leader in the Colorado locker room, the defender made a point of extolling the strength of the group after the equality in Rio de Janeiro and wishing strength for Gabriel, who suffered a serious injury to his right knee.

Full of embezzlement, Mano Menezes’ team behaved well throughout the game, managed to hold back the rival’s momentum and took a precious point to Porto Alegre.

– To overcome what happened with Gabriel, a very valuable player for us. Wanting him to recover. Taison too. A lot of strength and he knows we’re with him. There were situations like Carlos (De Pena) and Wanderson, but it’s the strength of the group. Whoever enters, seeks to give the best – said the Argentine.

Mercado is one of the players whose contract ends at the end of this year. Strictly speaking, he could already sign a pre-contract with another club. Inter’s football department admits it intends to extend the defender’s bond. Conversations are in progress.

  • 35 games
  • 16 games without conceding a goal
  • 2579 minutes
  • 9 yellow and 1 red

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