Rueda is canceled at Santos and medallion technician is given as ‘icing on the cake’


President was asked about the value of the sale of Kayky and refusal by Lucas Braga

Kaiky was traded by Santos to Almería (Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF)
Kaiky was traded by Santos to Almería (Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF)

the crowd of saints is not at all satisfied with some of the president’s choices Andrés Rueda in the last years. The Santos team has been fighting in the middle down in the editions of the Brazilian Championship and also in Paulistão, reaching the risk of relegation until the last rounds.

In addition, the performance in the playoffs was also unsatisfactory, in line with some choices, especially in squad building and selling players being questioned. A fan “let out his voice” and questioned the president.

“Santos sold one of the best young defenders in the WORLD for €7 million, but turned down the offer of US$4 million for a player who is not the best winger in the squad. Those who have hope in Rueda and co. are the most ‘fanatical’, due to irrationality. This guy is just that”; said a fan on social media.

“It has merit in paying the bills, which I think is essential. But between us, there were ways of reconciling the countryside and good management, right? Also because there was no lack of opportunities, the horse passed more than once. If it wasn’t for the base, Santos would have been relegated at 21 and 22 (…) Now, it’s walking with strides towards a 2023 of the same level. Come on, Rueda, do the obvious. Sign Cuca for Santos at 23. His vision of football is at that level”, he concluded.

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