Santos 1 x 2 Atlético-MG for the 30th round of the Brasileirão

Santos and Atlético-MG did not have a great match, and left almost all the excitement of the night to the last ten minutes. Better for the Atletico fans, who left happy with the winning goal scored in the 47th minute of the final stage. With a penalty for each side in the final moments of the match, Galo won 2-1, for the 30th round of the Brasileirão, but the big name of the game was not Hulk, who opened the scoring, or Nacho Fernández, who scored victory, was the goalkeeper Everson. The athletican archer won the duel with Marcos Leonardo.

It’s okay that the Santos striker scored a goal, from a penalty, but on three other opportunities, in front of Everson, Marcos Leonardo stopped the Atletico goalkeeper. In a kind of ‘law of the ex’ in reverse, since Everson defended Santos’ goal in the 2019 season. Very important result for Galo, which is once again close to winning a place in the next edition of the Copa Libertadores.

Santos, on the other hand, fell two positions, went from 11th to 13th place, and may lose more position until the end of the round, if São Paulo is not defeated by América-MG, this Thursday, at Independência in Belo Horizonte. . With 37 points conquered and little football, Peixe is heading to finish the Brasileirão with a spot in the next Copa Sudamericana.

Who did well: Everson

The Atlético-MG goalkeeper knows Vila Belmiro very well, after all, he was once a Santos goalkeeper. In a kind of ‘law of the ex’ in reverse, the athletican archer was the big name in the game. The only ball that Everson failed to save was the penalty taken by Marcos Leonardo.


Who was bad: Luan

The Santos midfielder had a dull night against Atlético. Even in the first half, when Santos was much superior to the Minas Gerais opponent, Peixe’s number 20 barely took the ball. Despite the performance far below, Luan stayed on the field until the 30 minutes of the second half.

Santos’ game: a good time, a bad time

It wouldn’t be absurd if Santos had a wide lead on the scoreboard at the end of the first half. It could be two, three or even four goals for the home team, which was much superior to Altético-MG. But as Marcos Leonardo didn’t have a good aim, in addition to Everson’s excellent performance, Peixe couldn’t score any goals. In the second half, Santos had more difficulty in attacking and saw the opponent play better.

Atlético-MG match: it was worth the result

Winning is always good, especially away from home. On the positive side, in addition to the great defenses of Everson, Atlético had only the result. Despite the triumph in Vila Belmiro, Galo did not have a great performance. Santos arrived very easily, especially in the early stage, while João Paulo ended the game without making any saves. Luckily, the only good chance fell at the feet of Hulk, who finished with mastery and scored the goal that guaranteed another three points for Galo.

Marcos Leonardo was out of aim

Striker Marcos Leonardo didn’t score at Altético-MG, but it wasn’t for lack of chances. Only in the first stage there were four shots in front of Everson, but Santos’ number 9 did not take advantage of any of the opportunities.

Soteldo injured

In the 31st minute of the first half, forward Soteldo pulled a counterattack and was stopped for lack of Jemerson, who was yellowed for the play. But who took the worst was Santos’ number 10, who complained of pain in his right thigh and was replaced by Lucas Braga.

Defense failure and Hulk goal

The second half of Santos x Atlético was little moving, without any great chances of goals and two teams with a lot of difficulty to play. That’s when Peixe’s defense wavered and the ball was clear for Hulk to finish. With a lot of category, shirt 7 of Galo scored the first goal of the night, after Guga’s pass.

Alonso reciprocated

If the defenders of Santos failed in Hulk’s goal, defender Junior Alonso didn’t let it go. The Paraguayan player lost a ball to Angelo and even knocked the Santos forward inside the area. Penalty that Marcos Leonardo took and scored.

Nacho decides

When the 1-1 draw seemed definitive for Santos and Atlético, midfielder Nacho Fernández led Galo to victory. The Argentine was brought down by Nathan inside the area, a penalty was awarded and the Santos defender was sent off. Nacho himself tapped and gave final numbers to the game.


Atlético opened the scoring with Hulk, in the 26th minute of the second half. Santos reached the tie in the 42nd minute, with Marcos Leonardo, in a penalty kick. But three minutes later, it was Galo’s turn to take a penalty. Nacho was knocked down by Nathan, who was kicked out. In the confusion over the penalty at the end of the match, goalkeeper João Paulo, from Santos, and midfielder Allan, from Atlético, were yellowed. Nacho took the penalty in the 47th minute of the final stage and secured Atletico’s 2-1 victory.



Reason: 30th round of the Brazilian Championship
Place: Vila Belmiro, in Santos (SP)
Date and time: October 5, 2022, at 9:30 pm (Brasília time)
Referee: Bruno Arleu de Araujo (Fifa/RJ)
Assistants: Carlos Henrique Alves de Lima Filho and Michael Correia (RJ)
VAR: Wagner Reway (PB)
Yellow cards: Lucas Braga and João Paulo (SAN); Jemerson, Ademir, Everson and Alan (CAM)
Red card: Nathan (SAN)
goals: Hulk at 26, Marcos Leonardo at 42 and Nacho Fernández at 47 minutes of the second half

SAINTS: John Paul; Nathan, Luiz Felipe, Eduardo Bauermann (Ed Carlos) and Felipe Jonatan; Rodrigo Fernández, Luan (Lucas Barbosa) and Carlos Sánchez (Sandri); Ângelo (Bryan Angulo), Soteldo (Lucas Braga) and Marcos Leonardo. Technician: Orlando Ribeiro.

ATLETIC-MG: Everson; Guga, Jemerson, Alonso and Dodô; Allan, Otávio (Réver) and Zaracho (Alan Kardec); Ademir (Nacho Fernández), Pavón (Caleb) and Hulk (Sasha). Technician: Cuca.

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