Trailer sums up Zoë Saldaña’s romantic miniseries

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Netflix has released the poster and trailer for “From Scratch”, a romantic miniseries starring actress Zoë Saldaña (“Guardians of the Galaxy”). But the preview tells too much of the story.

The drama begins in a romantic way, following an American woman (Saldaña) who falls in love with a chef (newcomer Eugenio Mastrandrea) while studying in Italy and later builds a life with him in the United States. But then comes the traditional twist for books in the genre – look at the entire shelf of Nicholas Sparks works. The trailer makes it clear that it involves illness and the need to move on. The difference in this case is that the story is real.

The attraction is in a bestseller written by actress Tembi Locke (from the series “Eureka” and “The Magician”) based on her own life. The adaptation by screenwriter Attica Locke, who wrote episodes of “Empire” and the miniseries “Olhos que Condenam” (When They See Us), and is produced by Zoë Saldaña herself in partnership with Reese Witherspoon (from “Big Little Lies” ).

“Restart” premieres on October 21.

Photo: Reproduction / Modern Popcorn

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