Victim of the ‘Bitcoin Sheik’, Sasha Meneghel lost around BRL 1.2 million with cryptocurrency fraud, says PF | Paraná

The cryptocurrency fraud scheme that, according to an investigation by the Federal Police (PF), was led by businessman Francisley Valdevino da Silva, known as “Sheik dos Bitcoins”, caused a loss of about R$ 1.2 million to Sasha Meneghel.

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The information was confirmed by the PF on the morning of this Thursday (6). According to the police, the daughter of presenter Xuxa invested in the company and did not receive the amounts invested.

In addition to her, football players who did not have their names informed were also victims of the blows, according to the police.

In an operation that started this Thursday, police seized gold bars, cash, jewelry, cars, luxury watches and other goods, at addresses linked to Francisley Silva and others investigated.

According to the police, the group is suspected of billion-dollar fraud involving cryptocurrencies, with victims in Brazil and abroad. The investigated moved, in Brazil, up to R$ 4 billion with frauds.

Much of the money raised by the group was used to buy Expensive real estate, watercraft, renovations, designer clothing, jewelry, travel and other high-cost expenses.

During the operation, federal police and Federal Revenue agents executed 20 search and seizure warrants in Curitiba and São José dos Pinhais, in Paraná; in addition to Governador Celso Ramos, in Santa Catarina; Barueri and São José do Rio Preto, in São Paulo; and in Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro.

Sasha Meneghel was one of the victims of fraud by the ‘Sheik dos Bitcoins’, according to the PF — Photo: Celso Tavares/g1

The group is responsible for crimes of embezzlement, transnational money laundering and criminal organization. Search orders were issued by the 23rd Federal Court of Curitiba.

Until the last update of this report, the g1 and the RPC they tried to locate the defenses of Francisley Valdevino da Silva and the other investigated.

The report also tried to contact Sasha Meneghel’s adviser.

PF operation carried out searches against a group investigated for billionaire fraud involving cryptocurrencies in Brazil and abroad – Photo: Disclosure / Federal Police

PF delegate Filipe Hille Pace said that the investigation began in March of this year, after a request for international police cooperation, made by Interpol, at the request of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), of the Department of Homeland Security of the Embassy of USA in Brasilia.

The request reported on an investigation abroad that identified a criminal organization, led by Francisley Valdevino da Silva, from Curitiba, suspected of fraud in a financial pyramid scheme with the sale of cryptocurrencies, asset laundering, crimes against the financial system.

The investigation pointed out that the gang had been carrying out coups in Brazil and abroad since 2016.

PF operation targets organization investigated for billionaire fraud involving cryptocurrencies in Brazil and abroad – Photo: Disclosure / Federal Police

The “Bitcoin Sheik” acted as the head of the organization, according to police. He had more than one hundred companies listed in Brazil linked to him. With this business group, fraud was applied nationally and internationally.

The group operated in Brazil with the rental of cryptocurrencies with payment of monthly remunerations that could reach up to 20% of the invested capital.

According to the police, thousands of victims were harmed for trusting the services promised by the companies, which claimed vast experience in the technology and crypto-assets market.

They claimed to have a large team of traders who would carry out investment operations with the leased cryptocurrencies and ensure that they would thus generate profits.

The operation pointed out that the businessman counted on his family members in the frauds. The family members were company employees and appropriated the amounts invested by the victims.

Group operated in more than 10 countries

Abroad, according to the PF, the criminal organization operated with multilevel marketing, in the United States and in 10 other countries.

The investigated even created and marketed their own cryptocurrencies, through the companies, with promises of payment of extravagant monthly returns. However, according to the investigation, crypto-assets were not backed and had no liquidity in the market.

Brazilian-led gang used money from fraud involving cryptocurrencies to purchase high-end real estate, according to police – Photo: Disclosure / Federal Police

The action was named Operation Poyais, in reference to the fraud investigated in England in the 19th century, in which a Scottish soldier enriched himself by selling bonds from a country that never existed in the real world, through an advertising campaign, according to police.

The PF highlighted that the crimes of the Brazilian and the target group of the operation have similar characteristics, considering that they acted by selling promises of huge profits from services that were never provided.

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