Will Nubank have a shared credit card? How it works?

Nubank is a digital bank that ranks among the largest financial institutions in the country. Fintech, a startup in the financial sector specializing in the digital environment, began its history in 2013. It currently operates in several countries and has established itself as one of the largest banks in Latin America.

As a result, Nubank has millions of customers who are always looking for news related to the world of finance. So the company is concerned with innovation. Opening a startup account is a quick process and only requires a cell phone with internet access.

In addition, Nubank has several services in its portfolio, such as investments, cards, savings, among others. Now, the institution has announced another novelty for its customers. The shared credit card. According to the company, the novelty exists to make life easier for families with dependents and can even be used with minors. Read this article to learn more about this news.

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Nubank announced a shared credit card, which allows the account holder to share credit with dependents – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Nubank announces shared credit card

During last Monday (3), some Nubank customers came across a novelty. The bank notified them that it is now possible to request the Additional Card. That is, a new card that is associated with the customer’s account that allows credit sharing. According to the bank, the functionality allows the customer to share the credit limit with more people.

As usual, the news is being released gradually. Not all customers have access to the feature. Nubank has this dynamic to protect its customers from unforeseen events. As this is a novelty, if there is a problem, few people will be harmed. The bank then releases new resources little by little. It is important to clarify that the financial institution did not disclose the criteria for choosing customers who will have access to the beta version of the Additional Card.

In addition, Nubank has not yet made an official statement about the Additional Card. It didn’t even run an advertising campaign to publicize it. But that is part of the bank’s policy. First, he announces the news to some customers, who have access to the initial version of the project, then he makes the disclosure and releases it to everyone.

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How Shared Card works

Given this, see how Nubank’s novelty works. First, it is important to say that even with a new card, the credit limit remains the same. After all, it is not about an increase in credit, but about the possibility of sharing it. That is, the account holder will be able to request an additional card, with the name and details of the dependent.

Thus, the Nubank customer will be able to control the use of the credit card, but his dependent will use it. The function can be useful for parents of teenagers who, for some reason, need to leave money with their children, for example.

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