47.8 cm cat enters the ‘Guinness Book’ as the tallest in the world

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One cat in 47.8 cm joined the Guinness World Record with the title of tallest living domestic cat of the world. Fenrir is two years and ten months old and lives in the state of Michigan, in the United States, with his guardian, the doctor William John Powers.

The animal belongs to the savannah breed, the result of a cross between a domestic cat and a serval, a medium-sized wild feline of African origin. According to GuinnessFenrir is considered high even among cats of the same breed.

The feat was disclosed by the organization on September 30 with a video of the animal’s presentation. According to Powers, Fenrir is often confused with other animals, such as cougars or a panther.

Fenrir’s brother, Arcturus, held the title of tallest living domestic cat at 48.4 cm until he died. He is still considered the tallest cat of all time, but according to the GuinnessFenrir may be on the way to overtake his brother.

“I kept the growth stats of the two cats, and Fen was close to Arc throughout the period he was a kitten,” Powers said. He adopted Fenrir when the animal was just 12 weeks old.

“Arcturus passed away in a tragic house fire five years ago shortly after getting his record, and his parents, Dream and Myst, were unable to conceive and have more kittens thereafter until approximately two years later when Myst unexpectedly became pregnant again. ” he explained.

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Fenrir also helps his guardian to provide good to others. They participate in charity events with the aim of raising funds for cat shelters in the city of Detroit.

In addition, the feline assists Powers, who is a specialist in people with HIV, in his office work. He is considered a “therapy cat”, helping patients to feel more at ease during the consultation.

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