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Starring Robbie, Christian Bale and a great cast, the new film by David O. Russell arrives today (6) in Brazilian cinemas.

Have you ever heard of Amsterdam? Production starring Margot Robbie, Taylor Swift, John David Washington and Christian Bale, the feature premiered today in Brazilian cinemas, with a plot that presents a mixture of suspense to the acid humor characteristic of filmmaker David O. Russell (American Hustle and The Side Good Life).

In the plot, we are introduced to the story of three great friends: two soldiers and a nurse who make a pact to always look out for each other, no matter what. After the machination of some cogs of chance, they find themselves at the center of a murder investigation, becoming prime suspects in the crime. So, to prove that they are not responsible for the mysterious death of a woman, our heroes end up participating in an even greater conspiracy, shedding light on one of the most surprising intrigues in American history.

Taking into account that the film begins with the phrase “A lot of this actually happened”, the question that remains is: Would Amsterdam be based on real events? Well the I love cinema tell you. Check it out below:

30 horror and thriller movies inspired by real events


Yes, part of the movie is based on real events. Despite mixing reality and fiction, the plot of the feature is inspired by a conspiracy that took place in the United States, in 1933, involving the attempt of a fascist coup led by some veterans of the American army who participated in the First World War.

The ruse aimed to remove the incumbent president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, from power, instituting the retired general, Smedley Butler, as the new leader of the country, in the same molds of Hitler and Mussolini. In the end, Butler refused to participate in the movement, denouncing the group to Congress and helping to put an end to the conspiracy, which included members of Wall Street’s high society.

In this way, this plot is used as the backbone for the feature, which ended up adapting some existing figures in real life and inventing others. To give you an idea, in Amsterdam, Butler was played by actor Robert De Niro.

Check below a video with General Butler’s statement, exposing on TV what happened at the time:

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