Ana Maria finishes Mais Você and shows the love of Marcos Palmeira

Ana Maria Braga showed Marcos Palmeira’s family at Mais Você

O More you this Friday, October 7, got into a farewell mood for the soap opera wetland. Thus, Ana Maria Braga ended up having the opportunity to video chat with Marcos Palmeirasthe character interpreter Zé Leoncio.

In the story, the man is an important farmer who is very attached to his three children and the family as a whole. Without losing the thread, Ana Maria Braga took the opportunity to talk about the personal life of Marcos Palmeira. She showed some rare intimate records of the famous with his current wife and daughters.

“Before I leave and say goodbye to you I’d like to show your family. Now I want to see Marquinhos, you have a beautiful wife, Gabi Gastal. Father of Júlia, from the relationship with the director of Globo. The other daughter of affection, who is Gabi’s daughter, Alice Gastal”, said Ana Maria Braga.

For those who don’t know, Marcos Palmeira has been married to Gabriela Gastal since 2016. Before that, however, he had relationships with other women, including the famous director of Globo, Amora Mautner, one of those responsible for the success of Avenida Brasil. With her, the actor had a daughter, Júlia Palmeira.

But she is not the only one that Marcos Palmeira considers his daughter. That’s because when he married Gabriela Gastal, the director also already had an heiress. In this way, the Globo actor created great appreciation and started to treat the girl as if she were his and they respect each other.

Ana Maria Braga, Maju Coutinho and Poliana Abritta (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

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Ana Maria Braga exposed photos of Marcos Palmeira alongside his wife and two daughters (Photo: Reproduction)
Ana Maria Braga exposed photos of Marcos Palmeira alongside his wife and two daughters (Photo: Reproduction)

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