Board of São Paulo defends cast after accusation of soft body in final: “I trust the character” | Sao Paulo

But, after the match, striker Luciano gave the board the responsibility of explaining problems that the squad had in recent times. The player did not want to say what it would be, but left it in the air that something happened in relation to the defeat in the South American final:

– A bad week for us. We had high expectations. Getting to the final, wearing the São Paulo shirt, is undeniable to be the favorite. Then you lose, the tendency is for everyone to be down, the weather gets bad. But today we had the opportunity. We did our homework and won the three points. Of course, we’re still very upset about what happened, but that’s football.

Carlos Belmonte talks about financial problems and Ceni's future in São Paulo

Carlos Belmonte talks about financial problems and Ceni’s future in São Paulo

– It was very important that we won. Fans have the right to demand, because they went to the stadium, supported, other things they say, I think they have to know the whole situation, total, I hope someone comes to tell them from above, because we see many things on the internet and that’s not what we do because we want São Paulo to always win – said Luciano.

– And in the final it is impossible to go with a soft body. Unfortunately, we weren’t having a good day. We wanted to give this title to the family, to the fans. I hope someone can tell what is going on inside the club, the difficulties we are going through so that everyone can understand what is really happening in São Paulo – added the striker.

Luciano in action in the match between São Paulo and América-MG — Photo: Rubens Chiri/

Still in the dressing room of the Independência stadium, football director Carlos Belmonte appeared to explain what Luciano meant. According to him, there were news that the players were unable to negotiate the award for an eventual South American title, which made some fans accuse the cast of soft body in the final in Cordoba, Argentina.

– In fact, when we have a defeat like the one we had, which hurts everyone, it ends up being natural for the fans to be unhappy. Then there are absurd attacks, like saying the players were discussing animals before the match against Independiente del Valle. First of all, it was decided almost two months ago. And to make it even clearer, the level of character that this squad has here, we didn’t even pay for the win that took us to the final, against Atlético-GO. It was not paid because we are going through a difficult time. But it will be paid,” said Belmonte.

Lucian: "I hope someone can tell what's going on inside São Paulo"

Luciano: “I hope someone can tell what is happening inside São Paulo”

– So, we lost because Del Valle played more than us. With everything these players have already done, with their delivery, it’s absurd. We are together with them, we know how dedicated they are. We have complete confidence in the coach, in the squad. We trust their character. I think that’s what Luciano meant, we are with them. But we can’t forget that so far we’ve played in two finals and one semi-final – he added, recalling the runners-up of Paulistão and Sul-Americana, in addition to the semi-final of the Copa do Brasil.

São Paulo returns to the field on Sunday, against Botafogo, at 4 pm, for the 31st round, at Morumbi.

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Best moments: América-MG 1 x 2 São Paulo, for the 30th round of the Brasileirão 2022

Best moments: América-MG 1 x 2 São Paulo, for the 30th round of the Brasileirão 2022

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“They did the obligation”, says Caio | The Voice of the Crowd

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