Botafogo beat Avaí by 2-1

After a very low first half, Botafogo needed just 10 minutes to turn the confrontation over Avaí and win by 2 to 1 tonight (6). Bissoli opened the scoring at Ressacada, but Cuesta and Tiquinho Soares secured the white-and-white victory in the 30th round of the Brazilian Championship.

With the triumph, Glorioso moves up one position and reaches ninth place, with 40 points, just two points less than América-MG, which closes the G8, the group of teams that go, at least, to the pre-Libertadores. Already Avaí, with only 28 points, is in 19th and penultimate place.

With a penalty after the VAR call, Bissoli opened the scoring after 10′ of the first half and left Avaí comfortable to defend themselves. At half-time, Luís Castro promoted the entries of Jacob Montes and Victor Sá, put Estrela Solitário forward and quickly conquered the comeback with goals from Cuesta, at 3′, and Tiquinho Soares, at 10′.

Who did well: Marçal is needed

Back in the team after serving suspension, the left side was calibrated. Set pieces have always brought danger to the opposing defense, whether in crosses or direct attempts. He provided the assist for the first goal and started the play for the second.

Who was bad: Gabriel Pires does not correspond again

Quoted to go to the bench, the Glorioso midfielder did not take another chance as a starter. Missing during the opening 45 minutes, he was sacked at halftime.

Botafogo’s performance: Changes work

After an uncreative first half, Luís Castro made two changes and counted on Marçal’s set piece to reverse the score. Betting on that, and on Cuesta’s potential at the top, the Solitary Star managed to exploit the rival’s fragility to win the game. After that, he knew how to manage the advantage well.

Avail performance: No reaction

The goal early on facilitated Avaí’s plans, which closed in the rest of the initial stage. However, the team collapsed on the return of the break with the changes made by the opponent, allowed the turn, and did not have the strength to seek equality.

VAR penalty

At 8′, Bissoli cut Júnior Santos inside the area and hit Cuesta. The move, apparently common, was reviewed by VAR who found a touch on the Botafogo player’s hand when he gave the cart to try to get the ball out of the Avaí striker. Bissoli himself took the kick and opened the scoring.

“I didn’t see the move, I thought the player was going to cross and I gave him a cart. He played by accident”, Júnior Santos told SporTV on the way out for the break.

avaí closes

With the advantage, the home team closed well and allowed Glorioso few spaces, which only had a great chance to tie. Cuesta launched and Júnior Santos hit a beautiful shot with his left leg towards the goal, but he was in an irregular condition and the bid was invalidated.

Luís Castro changes and Bota turns

Coach Luís Castro made two changes at half-time: Victor Sá replacing Júnior Santos and the debut of Jacob Montes to replace Gabriel Pires. The exchanges paid off quickly and the team turned the fight around with just ten minutes.

In the 3′, Marçal crossed in the measure to the defender who, without jumping, deflected with his head to the back of the net. Seven minutes later, another Marçal cross and Cuesta’s head, which this time was blocked by the defense. However, Tiquinho took advantage of the rebound and released a bomb to score the second.

Jeffinho misses two chances

Eduardo lined up on the right side and rolled to Jeffinho, who only had the job of sending it to the net, at 18′. The attacker, however, got the ball badly, which went up too much and went over the goal.

Eight minutes later, it was Jacob’s turn to pass to Jeffinho. This time, he hit the target, but Vladimir managed to palm and still save the rebound, which was left with Victor Sá.

next games

The two teams will play away from home, on Sunday (9), at 4 pm, for the 31st round of the competition. Botafogo faces São Paulo, while Avaí duels against Fortaleza.


Serie A of the Brazilian Championship – 30th round
Date: October 6, 2022, Thursday
Time: 8pm (from Brasilia)
Place: Ressacada stadium, in Florianópolis (SC)
Referee: Paulo Cesar Zanovelli da Silva (MG)
auxiliaries: Guilherme Dias Camilo (FIFA/MG) and Leonardo Henrique Pereira (MG)
VAR: Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral (VAR-FIFA/SP)
Yellow cards: Bruno Silva, pottker (AVA); Victor Cuesta, Jeffinho, Rafael, Marçal (BOT)
goals: Bissoli, at 10’/1st (AVA); Victor Cuesta, at 3’/2nd (BOT); Tiquinho Soares, at 10’/2nd (BOT)

HAWAII: Vladimir; Kevin, Bressan (Rodrigo Freitas), Rafael Vaz (Jean Cléber) and Cortez; Mateus Sarará (Jean Pyerre), Raniele and Bruno Silva (Lucas Ventura); Muriqui (Romulo), Pottker, and Bissoli. Technician: Lisca.

BOTAFOGO: Catito Fernandez; Rafael, Adryelson, Cuesta and Marçal; Tchê Tchê (Danilo Barbosa), Gabriel Pires (Jacob Montes) and Eduardo; Júnior Santos (Victor Sá), Jeffinho (Philipe Sampaio) and Tiquinho Soares (Matheus Nascimento). Technician: Luis Castro.

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