BTG Pactual: Investments may not go through the Flu Deliberative Council

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One of the great future possibilities of Fluminense, the partnership with BTG Pactual is still in development, although embryonic. Last week, President Mário Bittencourt clarified the conversations with the Deliberative Council (CDel), taking the opportunity to resolve several doubts of members and benefactors present. However, one situation caused discomfort, although it was not manifested to the representative at that time: some investments may not pass the knowledge or scrutiny of the directors, as determined by the NETFLU.

Mário explained that the representatives of Banco BTG have a formal mandate to advise Fluminense in the search for interested investors. Those who give a positive signal will be forwarded to another stage, which aims to understand the best way to celebrate the partnership.

Fluminense and BTG Pactual bank advanced one more step (the third) in the work of elaborating the project for structuring qualified investment in the club. A new meeting was held last month between the parties and the two institutions discuss details about the best structure for the possible transaction.

Therefore, Tricolor signed with BTG in June of that year, giving the bank the exclusive right to advise the club in defining the strategy and process of seeking investors. In the first stage, there was an analysis of the operational and financial aspects of Fluminense, a kind of performance evaluation of management results.

In the second phase, it was the bank’s turn to propose some alternatives to carry out this process, based on a greater depth of the numbers raised, contracts and asset potential. The final report cannot yet be released due to contractual and confidentiality restrictions.

However, the assessments that have been made so far by the bank demonstrate, according to the club, an effective restructuring work that can accelerate the expansion movement projected by the management with the arrival of future new investors.

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