Camera catches theft of a recyclables picker’s truck, who is out of work: ‘sadness’ | Santos and Region

The trailer of a recyclable material picker was stolen in Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo. Magda Santos, 38, told the g1, this Friday (7), who is very sad because of the theft of the ‘carretinha’. The vehicle has been used by her to work, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and to supplement her income, reinforce the income to take care of her three children.

The vehicle was parked in front of Magda’s house, on Rua Olhate, in the Jardim Melvi neighborhood, and was stolen. The crime was caught by a security camera in the early hours of last Tuesday (4). In the images, you can see a car towing the trailer.

Little truck was stolen and towed in Praia Grande, at dawn on October 4th — Photo: Reproduction/PG no Grau

“We work so hard, to get a ‘beautiful’ to our door and take the cart. It’s sad, it’s our job. It hurts as if someone had been taken from inside the house. I’ve been out of work since they took the trailer, I’m already having a hard time at home”, said Magda.

The collector told the g1 who suffers from epilepsy, which prevents her from working formally and for which she receives the benefit of the Organic Law of Social Assistance (LOAS). Therefore, she had to start working with recycling during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Things were getting more expensive, I had to ‘pick up’ recycling. I receive the LOAS, but I have three children and the help was not enough, because my children’s father is also unemployed. I have epilepsy and cannot work registered, because of my seizure,” he explained.

After realizing the theft, Magda registered a police report at the Praia Grande Police District, and is awaiting investigations by the Civil Police.

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