Catia Fonseca admits to having been barred when trying to go to another country

Presenter of ‘Best of the Afternoon’ told about the situation in a podcast

Catia Fonseca revealed during his participation in the podcast ‘Horoscope on the Band’ who has already been barred when trying to go to another country.

During the chat with the astrologer André Mantovannithe presenter of “Best Afternoon” told some perrengues that he has been through on trips and assumed that it was already barred in the United States.

I am barred whenever I enter the United States. Several times. Rodrigo (Riccó) passes by with a passport and they throw me in a room, and I don’t speak English, right?”, he confessed.

Despite this, the communicator says that she is not upset by the recurring situation. “And then it’s cool that you learn to relax. Don’t you want to be safe? So you don’t have to be upset when this happens to you”, said Catia Fonseca.

With good humor, Catia Fonseca also explained how the procedure is done at the airport. “They take a pair of tweezers, pass the cotton in a product, pass it on the hand, put it in the machine. Look at the bag, go through the bag, and all is well. I don’t feel bad. They must say “this woman came to do what here, she doesn’t even know how to speak the language (laughs)”, said the presenter.

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Catia Fonseca on podcast
Presenter spoke in a podcast with André Mantovanni about perrengues in travel (Reproduction Youtube)


Still on the podcast, the presenter talked about other subjects, including her former relationship. On the occasion, Catia Fonseca brought up the separation she experienced in 2013, after 27 years of marriage, and detailed how she acted in the face of the situation.

On her social media, she shared the excerpt in which she addresses the subject. “My senior year 9 was in 2013 when I broke up. It was important. It is the general change, it was not a single change. Because Mantos knows I’m radical. Since it’s to cut, I cut everyone at once, you’re suffering little by little, it’s gone at once, you’ll take everyone away”, said the presenter.

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