Christian Bale Complains About ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Set

The actor Christian Balein an interview with HQ magazineconfessed that his experience on the set of the film Thor: Love and Thunder, It wasn’t the best. Even being an experienced actor, the star of Batman: The Dark Knight revealed which was the first time he recorded in front of a green screen and the experience did not please him very much.

“You have good people and other actors who are a lot more experienced at this than I am. Can you tell one day apart? No. Absolutely not. You have no idea what to do. You couldn’t even tell one set from another.” , said Bale.

For the star, the sets were “the definition of monotony”. It would be painful to try. While I was trying to ask for help putting on and taking out the fangs and explaining that I broke a nail, I tripped over my tunic,” said the actor who plays the villain Gorr in the plot.

The film’s story revolves around Thor, (Chris Hemsworth), which faces a midlife crisis in its more than 1500 years. On a path of self-knowledge, he will discover other gods, he will find his love again, Jane Foster, and face the plot villain played by Christian Bale.

The production also has in the cast Natalie Portman, Chris Pratt and Jaimie Alexander. Thor: Love and Thunder is now available on Disney+.

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