Commentator praises Luís Castro’s maintenance at Botafogo: ‘I’m glad they didn’t cut off the Portuguese’s head’

O Botafogo experienced a period of instability in the Brazilian championshipwas close to the relegation zone and saw pressure build on top of Luís Castro. However, backed by John Textorthe club kept the Portuguese coach and started to collect positive results, such as the 2-1 victory over Avaí, on Monday.

On ESPN’s “Linha de Passe” program, the commentator Pedro Ivo Almeida praised Botafogo for trusting the project.

– I’m glad they didn’t cut off the Portuguese’s head. Here in Brazil, if you don’t win the first five games, there’s no SAF that puts you to fight for the Brazilian Championship, send him away, because they say “Portuguese is all the same, to pay dearly, it’s better Brazilian”. It’s a process. He’s been saying this from the start. He had almost a preseason in the first round. It’s not just construction, it’s how it’s earning, it has individual values, enhanced by Castro’s work. It is the project, the SAF, understanding, not changing coach, understanding that there is a methodology. Textor is very clear, his joke, Castro is in it. There’s a department that thinks about football and they decided that this guy was going to lead. Now it’s expanding the projection, fighting for better positions, before it was to stay in Serie A. There will be a chance to fight for Libertadores, maybe South American. There are good young pieces, experienced pieces like Tiquinho that solve the game. Patience is essential – highlighted Pedro Ivo.

– It’s not just patience, it’s also the market. There’s Tiquinho Soares, Marçal, an excellent player, of international level. They’re good-looking guys. Tiquinho against Palmeiras invented a goal, yesterday the ball was left and he scored. Players like that win games. They were fundamental against Avaí, who have already taken points from a lot of people – he stressed Leonardo Bertozzi.

the commentator Paulo Calçade recalled Botafogo’s recent good campaign.

– In the last ten games, they have four wins, four draws and two defeats. Lost to Flamengo and Palmeiras. He won who he can compete against, Goiás, Avaí, Coritiba and Fortaleza away from home, which is not easy. He won where he needed to breathe and 2023 to be better. That’s what the fan has to, patience, because the level of investment is like that. It won’t reach Flamengo’s level overnight, the investment needs to have a return, it will improve. Textor and Ronaldo avoided the shipwreck, it remains to be seen how the 777 will be on Vasco – ended Calçade.

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