Cruzeiro organizer expels fan who injured child with chair

Cruzeiro fans screamed
photo: Ramon Lisbon/EM/DAPress

Cruzeiro fans shouted “I hesitate” after the man was identified

Cruzeiro’s main organizer, Mfia Azul announced, this Thursday (6/10), the expulsion of Marcos Adriano de Oliveira, 29, from the membership of the fans. He injured a child when he threw up a chair in the Amarelo Superior sector, in Mineiro, in Raposa’s 1-1 draw with Ituano, for the 33rd round of Serie B of the Brazilian Championship.

The Mfia Azul issued and published on social media a note repudiating Marcos’ violent act. According to the message, he is prohibited from visiting sectors that are occupied by the organization.

“We hereby announce the expulsion of component Marcos Adriano de Oliveira (Marcos 22), for inappropriate conduct, endangering fans by throwing objects into the stands. Therefore, he is prohibited from attending any event of our fans, sectors where we stay in the stadiums or acquire clothing referring to the crowd or command”, he began.

“The crowd was charged at the same time and the individual was sent by the police to the police station where they could be held criminally responsible for their actions. We set an example that any member who dares to act in the same way will also be charged in the skin and expelled. “, concluded the Blue Mafia.

Marcos was identified by other Cruzeiro residents who were around shortly after he vandalized and threw the seat up. The fan tried to flee the scene, but was stopped by members of the organized by taking punches and kicks. He also needed medical care in Mineiro.

The Military Police Shock Battalion made the arrest in flagrante delicto and took him to the Civil Police Flagrantes Center 4 (CEFLAN), in Pampulha. Marcos answer for attempted murder.

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