EA launches PC app that will replace Origin

After more than 10 years using Origin software, Electronic Arts announced on Thursday (6) that the application EA for Windows got out of phase beta open and is now officially available on Windows. Soon, the new client will replace the origin and, according to a post on the company’s official blog, will offer “a faster, more reliable and streamlined gaming experience”.

The app has a streamlined design, automatic game downloads and background updates. It will also be possible to merge the friends lists from other platforms, as well as importing contacts from Origin.

Transition from Origin to EA App

According to EA, everything has been thought out so that the transition of users from origin for the new app to be as simple as possible. These players will soon receive a invitation to migrationwhich will be automatic. Games and contents already installed, as well as saved locally or in a cloud will be ready in the EA app.

In addition, the new client will allow you to unify friend lists from platforms such as Origin, Steam, Xbox and PlayStation. To import contacts, simply select “Discovering New Friends” and log in to service accounts. The app will also offer a unique and personalized IDin order to facilitate the experience.

EA App lets you import friends list from Steam, Xbox and PlayStationEA App lets you import friends list from Steam, Xbox and PlayStationSource: Disclosure: EA

The EA app is now available for download for Windows users. For the Mac, however, the origin will continue to be the official platform for accessing Electronic Arts games.

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