‘False Johnny Depp’ gives a blow to an elderly woman from Osasco in R$ 208 thousand to pay “compensation” to Amber Heard

A 61-year-old woman was hit by more than R$200,000 after falling in love with a fake Johnny Depp she met through social media. According to the G1, the Court considered the pensioner’s action against a bank to be unfounded. There is still recourse.

The victim is a retired woman who lives in Osasco, in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. She says that conversations with the person, who claimed to be the actor, began in October 2020. The content of the conversation, according to the elderly woman, were “everyday matters”, until a “romance” began, amid promises from the scammer that he would take the victim to live with him in Los Angeles.

According to the decision of Judge Clarissa Rodrigues Alves, in the compensation process, the elderly woman said that she had the first contact with the criminal on September 21, 2020 through Instagram.

The transfers were made to an account in the name of Antônio, who was identified by the fake Johnny Depp as a “Brazilian friend of his lawyer”. The amounts requested during the coup de romance were related to false convictions in cases that supposedly involved the figure of the actor.

In court, the victim requested the conviction of the bank that received the transfers on behalf of the Brazilian with compensation and material and moral damages in the amount of BRL 208,400.

The bank claimed in court that the resident of Osasco, in Greater São Paulo, was the one who transferred the money “by her own free will”, without interference from the agency.

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