Father of baby dead after being hit by cell phone is arrested in GO

The father who killed his two-month-old son after throwing a cell phone at him in Valparaíso de Goiás was preventively arrested this morning. The arrest was made at the request of the delegate responsible for the case, Samya Barros, who saw indications that the aggression against the child was not culpable – that is, without the intention to kill.

The delegate explained that the request for preventive detention against the boy’s father was granted on Monday (3) by the Justice, but, because of the restriction of the arrest of voters during the electoral period, he was only detained today.

Among the evidence found by the police are other broken cell phones, which would also have been the target of rages from the aggressor, a bedspread with cuts, which would have been made to disguise bloodstains, and other bloody objects in the house.

The statements of the baby’s mother, identified by the police as “Bryan”, and relatives were also considered by the delegate in the arrest warrant.

We realized that there was already a relationship of domestic violence even before the injury suffered by the child. The mother declared that it was already the fourth cell phone that the author broke in the same way, only, unfortunately, now the victim was the child.
Samya Barros, delegate

In the child’s death record, the cause of death indicated was head trauma by blunt force action. The required expertise on the baby’s body has not yet been released.

Investigations showed that other cell phones were broken by the suspect in the same way - Civil Police/Video Playback - Civil Police/Video Playback

Investigations showed that other cell phones were broken by the suspect in the same way.

Image: Civil Police/Video playback

Now, in addition to continuing with the investigation into the father’s responsibility for the child’s death, the police are also investigating who was responsible for cleaning the crime scene and who moved the objects in the house before the forensic examination.

remember the case

The two-month-old boy died on Saturday (1), after spending three days in a hospital in the municipality of Santa Maria (GO). The child’s funeral was held on Tuesday (4).

Taken to the police station to provide clarification after taking his son to the hospital, the father stated that he argued with his wife, placed the child in a baby comforter next to her, saw a message he did not like on his cell phone and threw the device with the intention of hitting the victim. wall.

“He said he threw the device with the intention of breaking it, but ended up throwing it on the child and resulting in the tragedy”, said the delegate.

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