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Known for doing a lot of what earned him the nickname, Gabigol lives the most altruistic moment of his career and prioritizes solidary football. To help Pedro finally solidify himself as Flamengo’s starter, he started to play further away from the area. The goals have decreased, but shirt 9 is sure that the balance is positive.

Now 26 years old and already one of the biggest idols in the history of the Red and Black, Gabigol spoke a lot about his new role and the moment he lives at the club on the eve of two decisions. In a long interview that will air on Esporte Espetacular next Sunday, covered several topics, and ge brings spoiler (appetizer). Asked about the relationship with Pedro, shirt 9 went straight.

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– He’s a guy who makes me change, but maybe this change has done better for me than for him. I have been circulating in new spaces on the field, I have expanded my football. So I think it worked out pretty well. I hope to give him more passes to score and also score my own goals.

In the interview, Gabigol acknowledged that there are differences in temperament and preferences in relation to his current attacking partner. But he pointed out that, on the field, the chemistry happened.

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– Pedro is a guy I really like a lot. To be honest, we don’t have that much connection off the field, we’re kind of different from each other, but we have a lot of respect. We talk a lot, try to help each other and accompany each other on the field. I really like playing with him.

Since the arrival of Dorival Júnior, Gabigol and Pedro have started 15 matches together – according to a survey by the ge’s Statistical Spy. The performance is impressive: 12 victories, two draws and one defeat (84.4% of the points conquered). The team’s average goals also call attention: there were 35 in the period (2.3 per match).

Check out the pair’s numbers below:

Gabigol and Pedro as starters with Dorival

Date Match double goals Double assists
06/25 Flamengo 3×0 America-MG One of Gabigol one of Peter
06/07 Flamengo 7×1 Tolima Four from Pedro and one from Gabigol one of Peter
07/13 Flamengo 2×0 Atlético-MG Two of Peter
07/20 Flamengo 4×0 Youth Two of Peter One of Gabigol
07/24 Avai 1×2 Flamengo Two of Peter
07/27 Flamengo 0x0 Athletico-PR
08/02 Corinthians 0x2 Flamengo One of Gabigol
08/09 Flamengo 1×0 Corinthians one of Peter
08/17 Athletico-PR 0x1 Flamengo one of Peter
08/24 Sao Paulo 1×3 Flamengo One of Gabigol
08/31 Velez Sarsfield 0x4 Flamengo three of Peter Two of Gabigol
09/14 Flamengo 1×0 Sao Paulo one of Peter
09/18 Flamengo 1×2 Fluminense One of Gabigol
10/01 Flamengo 4×1 Bragantino Three from Pedro and one from Gabigol
10/05 Flamengo 0x0 Internacional

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