Gabigol reveals main reason for ‘turn of key’ in his stance on the field at Flamengo: “It made me change”


The striker was direct when asked about the ‘new phase’ that lives in the red-black attack

Robson Mafra/AGIF.  Gabigol points out the main difference in the current season
Robson Mafra/AGIF. Gabigol points out the main difference in the current season

For three years at Flamengo, Gabigol is one of the great idols of the Club, precisely because he is good at what gave rise to his nickname: swinging the net. However, the striker has written a new chapter in his trajectory on the field, next to Mais Querido. That’s because, if initially the shirt 9 was officially the ‘killer’ in the attack, nowadays, Gabriel lives the most altruistic moment of his career.

Gabigol has been acting a little further away from the area, prioritizing the attack together. To help Pedro secure his spot among the team’s holders, Gabriel started to form a duo with the striker and, despite the lower number of goals, the striker analyzes the balance of the season as positive.

He’s a guy who makes me change, but maybe that change did better for me than it did for him. I have been circulating in new spaces on the field, I have expanded my football. So I think it worked out pretty well. I hope to give more passes for him to score and also score my own goals“, said Gabigol, in an interview with Spectacular sport.

The number 9 recognized that there are differences in temperament and preferences between the two, but stressed that the partnership on the field is special. “Pedro is a guy I really like a lot. To be honest, we don’t have that much connection off the field, we’re kind of different from each other, but we have a lot of respect. We talk a lot, try to help each other and accompany each other on the field. I really like playing with him“, he added.

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