Grey’s Anatomy: Season debuts with the smallest Ellen Pompeo appearance in history, and showrunner reveals why

Cardio page! The 19th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” arrives this Thursday (6) and the fans are in an uproar! However, much to our sadness, Ellen Pompeo, who plays protagonist Meredith Grey, will have a significantly reduced role in the new episodes. Before the premiere, Krista Vernoff, showrunner of the ABC production, spoke about the matter in an interview with Variety.

According to Vernoff, Pompeo will only appear in just 8 episodes in the new phase, which means she will have a tiny role compared to previous years. For those who don’t know, medical drama seasons are usually around 22 to 25 episodes. The reason for the change would be Ellen’s busy schedule.

Grey's Anatomy Ellen Pompeo
Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Gray in “Grey’s Anatomy”. (Photo: Playback/ABC)

“She has so many projects in development as a producer and the project on Hulu as an actress”said the showrunner. “And she is so excited to spread her wings, and we want to support her in that – as she will always be in the fabric of our show.” added Vernoff.

Krista also made a point of reassuring fans about the continuation of the plot, which should not be lost even with the absence of the protagonist. “I think this show has legs”said Krista. “I think Ellen is extraordinary, and she’s been an extraordinary center of this show for a long time. And if her career takes her in another direction, I believe we have a show here with a lot of amazing characters that our fans love. And this new class of interns is really exciting.”reinforced.

When asked what she would do if Ellen’s Meredith decided to say goodbye to Gray Sloan Memorial for good, Vernoff then explained how she would present the protagonist’s absence. “When you have a woman who has a job she loves, a career she loves, a man she loves, what can take her away from the main narrative?” she asked rhetorically. “And my answer to that is: your children. Something happens to your children that changes the course of your plans for your life. And as a mother, I identify with that.” concluded.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Nick (Scott Speedman) and the doctor’s children Zola, Derek Bailey and Ellis. (Photo: Playback/ABC)
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Ellen Pompeo talks reduced role

Last month, Ellen herself had already spoken about reducing her presence on “Grey’s Anatomy”. In an interview with Deadline, the actress opened up about the decision to step aside and insisted that it would not interfere with the progress of the plot. “The show will still be fine without me – I’ll still do the narration”Pompeo pointed out.

She also noted that she would be back before the season concluded and that only then would she re-evaluate her stay in Shonda Rhimes’ story. “I will always be a part of this show – I’m an executive producer, I’ve spent two decades of my career on this show, it’s my heart and soul, and I will never really be gone while this show is on.” declared the actress.

Even away, the eternal Meredith said she was excited about the new round of interns at Gray Sloan. “We’re really trying to establish the next generation. I’m so excited for them – they’re great actors… They’re so excited to be there and excited to tell these stories.”he said. “It helps all of us who’ve been there from the start – it helps keep the series fresh and new, so we’re so grateful to them.”finished.

“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 19 introduces a new group of inmates. (Photo: Playback/ABC)

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