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Directed by Olivia Wilde, the long-awaited thriller starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh premieres this Thursday, 22

Starred by Harry Styles and Florence Pughthe long Do not worry, dear finally premieres this Thursday, 22, after several controversies about its backstage. And one issue in particular caught the attention of fans who are eagerly awaiting the production: after all, as the singer of the hit ‘As It Was‘ made it to the film’s lead role?

In August of this year, Harry Styles starred in the first global cover of the rolling stone and, during the interview, talked about the experience of working on two films in a row, going from Do not worry, dear (2022) for My Policeman (2022). That’s how the singer revealed details of his casting for the feature Olivia Wilde.

Second Harry, acting was never part of his life plan. He always liked the seventh art, but he discovered a new passion when he started performing with his band, the white eskimo. When they debuted — and won — in a Battle of the Bands competition, it was the first time he felt “the flip”: his teachers looking at him instead of the other way around. “I think I was just an exhibitionist,” he joked. Harry.

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But when styles was gearing up to release his first solo effort in 2017, he returned to acting with a supporting role in Dunkirkwar epic directed by Christopher Nolan. The filmmaker even went so far as to say that he had no idea how famous Harry Styles that’s when he was cast in the role.

Later, when the Marvel recruited him to live Eros in the post-credits of Eternos (2021), Chloe Zhao didn’t have any other actor in his mind other than Harry Styles. It turns out that, in the comics, the villain’s most heroic brother Thanos is portrayed as an intergalactic playboy with superhuman strength and the ability to control people’s emotions — and there’s no one better to play this character than an artist like Harry.

It was the role of styles at Dunkirk in 2017, however, which caught the attention of the actress and filmmaker Olivia Wilde as she began to lay out plans for Do not worry, dear. The singer then became one of the possible interpreters for the role of jackthe charming and mysterious husband of Alicelived in the plot by the renowned Florence Pugh.

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Before the pandemic, styles and the film’s crew even talked about the role, but negotiations didn’t go very far as the singer was starting yet another world tour. Instead of Harrythe actor Shia LaBeouf won the role — but ended up leaving production that same summer, in one of the film’s biggest controversies.

“I wanted to act again,” he said. stylesin an interview with Brittany Spanoson the global cover of rolling stone. During the pandemic, for example, the Brit spent much of his time in quarantine watching movies with his friends and collaborators.

Harrythen was announced as a replacement for LaBeouf a month before filming Do not worry, dear start. And before long, he proved to be the perfect actor for the role of jack. “We needed someone with innate warmth and palpable charm,” he explained. wilde, the director of the film. “The whole story depended on the audience believing in jack.”

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Once cast, the singer recorded Do not worry, dear between September 2020 and February 2021, in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, United States. It was the longest period in which styles lived in one place for eleven years of his career. And he even thought about disappearing off the map, buying an old cell phone and stopping making music.

The reality is that you arrive on day one and wait 75% of the time. And then it’s like, ‘Actually, I think I’m going to text my friend.’

At the beginning, Harry Styles was quite eager to take on such a big role alongside stars like Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Gemma Chanand Nick Kroll. “In music, there is an immediate response to what you do. You finish a song and people clap,” he says. “When you’re shooting a movie, the director says ‘cut’ and a part of you waits for the applause, but nobody does it. Everyone obviously goes back to their jobs and you’re like, ‘Damn, was it that bad?’

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There was a scene in the movie, however, where Harry really demonstrated that he was acting with all his heart. Second Olivia Wildethe scene represents the moment when jack is promoted during a gala event and “brought everyone to tears”.

“It’s a strange scene, full of fascist references and a disturbing amount of male anger,” said the director. “The scene called for him to go on stage with Chris Pine and chant the haunting slogan ‘Whose world is it? Our!’ again and again. Obscure as hell. But Harry raised the bar. He was so attached to the moment that he started yelling his lines at the audience, growling, it was more intense than we were expecting for the scene.”

Second olivia, Chris Pine came away from the spotlight, understanding that this was the moment to Harry. A few weeks later, styles left the set of Do not worry, dear and began filming the — much more intimate — My Policeman. He had received the script a year earlier, moved by the story enough to contact the director. Michael Grandage to ask for a meeting. Harry Styles arrived at the meeting with all his lines memorized.

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