Is it possible to renew the CNH online without leaving home?

The function of renewing the CNH over the internet is only valid for users who choose the simplified license process.

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Since July this year, drivers can request the renewal of their National Driver’s License (CNH) without having to leave their home.

The news was released by the Traffic Department of Rio de Janeiro (Detran-RJ) and can be done by the Digital Post. The process to renew the CNH takes place on the agency’s own portal. Below, check out the details.

Drivers can renew their CNH online

In practice, drivers must only attend the stations, without scheduling. Going in person is important for the driver to take a new photo, and provide fingerprints. To do so, just do this to finish the document renewal procedure.

In addition, service is on a first-come, first-served basis. The user can choose any Detran unit to collect biometrics and update the photo. Through the Digital Post, there is also the transfer of the address of the medical clinic where the physical and mental aptitude exam must be carried out. It is also possible to choose where to pick up the CNH.

In addition, the function of renewing the CNH over the internet is only valid for drivers who choose the simplified license process – that is, without changing the data – only the inclusion of information on paid activity is allowed.

It is also worth noting that the simplified renewal is not mandatory, and those who wish can continue making the appointment in person.

How to request renewal via Digital Post?

The Digital Post operates as a service that allows the user to connect with the Detran system to carry out various procedures. Access is via the government’s portal.

In the part where it was only possible to query data on validity, number of points and category, there is now also the tab “Renewal of Simplified Driver’s License – Request”. Finally, it is worth mentioning that in order to renew, the Duda (boleto) of application must already be paid.

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