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There is no denying that the messaging application market is practically dominated by WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram. But that didn’t stop Brunno Valesco from developing a new application for this market. Valesco’s bold attitude allowed him to launch his new application on June 20th of this year, and until that moment it already has around 19,000 users.

After a long period focused entirely on code development and planning and having won an angel investment of R$ 1 million, Brunno managed to make the SayMe Messenger, which can be downloaded on both Android and iOS operating systems. The main objective of this new application is to promote a more secure feature, and this, without a doubt, is one of the main points that differentiates the application from other messengers, as well as the privacy issue and attention to user feedback.

“We don’t want to displace anyone. We just want to be one more option for people to choose. We want to take some of the monopoly off WhatsApp, just like 99 did with Uber.” said the creator of SayMe.

The new application developed by Brunno has cutting edge encryption, which is very similar to WhatsApp, however, SayMe has several features, such as the option to schedule the sending of messages. It even gives you the option to schedule a deadline for submitting a response. With regard to privacy, the company stated that there is the possibility of blocking the sending of messages and files, in addition, the company guaranteed that the application does not allow the recording or printing of an image on the screen.

The new messenger also provides transcripts of audio messages, contributing much more for deaf people to use the app. In addition, Brunno Velasco also stated that this is a great method for those people who are in quiet places and who need to hear the audio message at that moment.

There will also be, in the next update, the “attention mode”. It will be possible to have access to a new layout, which will be fully adapted for those users who have dyslexia. By applying this function, the design will be modified, each paragraph will start with the first letter in bold, and will have underlined phrases interspersed, also including a yellow background.

According to Valesco, this idea of ​​developing the “attention mode” came from the suggestions made available by users, and for this reason the company values ​​feedback very much, and giving more value to it will be one of the important goals for the company.

“This proximity that the user has with SayMe is much greater than what exists with WhatsApp or Telegram. We want to be an option for those who want to feel closer to the product”, says Brunno.

See other functions that are also available in the SayMe app:

• Instant communication;
• Audio calls;
• Video calls;
• Creation of groups and hubs.

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