Marilyn from ‘Blonde’: movies with Ana de Armas on streaming – 10/07/2022 – Illustrated

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Havana-born Ana de Armas, 34, is Hollywood’s newest sensation following her portrayal in “Blonde” as Marilyn Monroe on Netflix.

With little work in Cuba, Ana began to rise to prominence in Spain before moving to Hollywood.

After immersing herself in Los Angeles to master the language, in just a few years, Ana excelled in films such as “Blade Runner 2049”, won awards with “Knives and Secrets” and even a role as a “bond girl” in “007” more recent. See below, in chronological order, some of her works available on streams.

Knock Before You Enter (2015)

In her first English-language film, Ana is Bel, one of two young women who enter the home of architect Evan (Keanu Reeves), who is on a weekend alone while the rest of the family travels. Quickly, the girls start a game of seduction and the experienced architect thinks he’ll do well… but he doesn’t. The flirtation quickly turns into a horror story in Eli Roth, the director’s style. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on Netflix, Lionsgate+ and Telecine (100 min.)

Daughter of God (2016)

Legend has it that Ana de Armas was supposed to be the protagonist of the film, again co-starring Keanu Reeves (“Knock Before You Enter”). But, Lionsgate bought the project and changed the editing to increase the role of Reeves and decrease the role of Ana, which messed up the script. In the plot, Reeves plays a detective who investigates the death of a partner. The crime may be related to a young woman (Ana), who has visions with angels after going through a trauma. On Prime Video, the film appears with the original title, “Exposed”.

Available on Prime Video and Telecine (102 min.)

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

The criticism of Sheet nor mentioned Ana’s participation in the film, but her character is very interesting. She is Joi, a holographic being who is practically the love interest of the new android hunter (Ryan Gosling), and stokes a debate between reality and fiction. Her performance, like the film in general, was well received by critics.

Available on HBO Max and Netflix (163 min.)

Wasp Network: Network of Spies (2019)

Once again the presence of Ana de Armas was rarely mentioned in Brazilian critics. Blame the pedigree cast of superstars in the feature by Olivier Assayas, which included Penélope Cruz, Edgar Ramirez, Gael García Bernal and Wagner Moura from Brazil, il, il. The film tells the story of Cubans who infiltrated a network against Fidel Castro’s regime with the aim of destroying it. The film marked Ana’s return to her home country, where she hadn’t filmed since she was a teenager. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on Netflix (127 min.)

Between Knives and Secrets (2019)

In Ana’s busy year, this was her third release (it’s also in “O Informante”, Netflix), but it was here that everyone started to notice the actress more closely. She was the one who listed the most nominations in a cast with Daniel Craig, Toni Collette, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans and others. In the plot, she is the kind caretaker and last person to see Christopher Plummer’s character alive, a millionaire with a complicated relationship with some relatives. His apparent suicide is soon investigated as a murder by the shrewd detective Benoit Blanc (Craig). The former 007 will be back in two movie sequels; Anna, no.

Available on Netflix (130 min.)

Sergio (2020)

Interestingly, it is common to see the Cuban actress repeating partnerships on the scene despite her short career. In this biopic, she once again plays opposite Wagner Moura as Argentine economist and UN representative Carolina Larriera, wife of diplomat Sérgio Vieira de Mello (Moura). A UN employee, Mello was sent to Iraq at the time of the American invasion of the country, where terrorist attacks were taking place. Read the interview about the feature with the diplomat’s widow at Sheet.

Available on Netflix (118 min.)

007 – No Time to Die (2021)

Here, Ana makes a new partnership with Daniel Craig, in his farewell in the role of James Bond. The actress’ role is small – even more so in view of the almost three hours’ duration – but striking. Ana subverts the traditional role of the “bond girl” as field agent Paloma, sexy and seemingly clumsy, but very skilled in combat. Bond and Paloma partner up two agents on a quick mission to Cuba, without the sexual tension that usually exudes whenever the English spy bumps into a woman. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on Telecine (163 min.)

Deep Water (2022)

After successive delays, “Water Deep” went straight to streaming, and without much fanfare. Director Adrian Lyne’s film — famous in the 1980s for sexy titles like “Fatal Attraction” and “9 ½ Weeks of Love” — isn’t all that, but you can see it on a cold night. In the feature, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas form a couple with a little daughter (who has a great post-credits scene) and an open relationship — at least, for her. As she finds lovers, lovers meet death, and we all know the culprit. The handling of the protagonists’ dysfunctional relationship is worth more than any attempt at suspense. Oh, and Ana started dating Affleck after filming, but only until Jennifer Lopez resurrected the “Bennifer” couple. Read more on Sheet.

Available on Prime Video (115 min.)

Hidden Agent (2022)

The most expensive movie in Netflix history ($200 million, approximately R$1.04 billion) – and one of the most watched on streaming today – spent it all on well-choreographed action scenes and explosions, but they must have asked for a discount on the script . Ana de Armas returns to work with Ryan Gosling, a CIA agent who is persecuted after discovering irregularities involving the agency’s top echelon. While he has to face the psychopath (and fun) character of Chris Evans, he gets the help of another agent (Ana), for a reason that borders on the unknown… but Ana kicks several asses, as in “007”. Ah, the film also has the partner Wagner Moura.

Available on Netflix (129 min.)

Blonde (2022)

Ana de Armas comes to prominence in Hollywood as few would imagine, in the role of Marilyn Monroe, one of the greatest icons of cinema. With colorful and black and white scenes, the Netflix title follows Marilyn, or Norma Jeane, in passages from childhood, presenting traumas with some (or a lot) creative freedom. The film divides opinions, but the actress’s incredible transformation into Marilyn is often cited as one of the highlights of the film. Read the review on Sheet.

Available on Netflix (167 min… or pretend it’s four episodes of some series)

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Since its debut in the last days of September, “Lou” remains one of the most watched on Netflix. Its success owes much to the charisma of Allison Janney (from the series “Mom”), who plays the protagonist who lends her name to the title. She is already a gruff, gray-haired lady who lives in an inhospitable region with her dog and is not very friendly with her neighbor, who has a young daughter. We also know that she handles a gun very well. Early in the film, she makes preparations to kill herself, but a storm and the apparent kidnapping of the child awakens Lou’s humanity, who leaves with the mother/neighbor in search of the child. As time passes, secrets (not so hidden) begin to surface.

Available on Netflix (107 min.)


The film did well at the Oscars and took the statuettes for best picture, direction (Chloe Zhao) and actress (Frances McDormand) in 2021. The film focuses on Fern (McDormand), a woman in her 60s who drives her van on the roads. of the American Midwest after his city practically disappeared due to the economic crisis in the country. In the midst of small seasonal jobs, she meets other people with the same philosophy of life. New chance for those who haven’t seen the movie yet, which had its release damaged by the pandemic. Read movie review at Sheet.

Available on Star+ (108 min.)

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