Mexico’s presidential Boeing 787 has not yet grounded, but the country already has another idea for it

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that his government is analyzing the possibility of creating a publicly managed airline that serves destinations that currently do not have good air connectivity, reported the website Aviacionline.

As part of his daily morning press conference, the president said last Tuesday that the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) could be in charge of running an airline that would initially have ten aircraft, including the support of the presidential plane, to offer regular business services.

The presidential aircraft is the same Boeing 787-8 acquired during the government of Felipe Calderón, which generated controversy from the moment of its acquisition. Before taking office, the current president spoke out against the purchase, as, in his opinion, it represented a bad deal for Mexico. After taking office, he put the plane up for sale but never found a buyer.

The economic feasibility analysis is being carried out”, said Lopez Obrador. According to the president, his management is currently analyzing possible types of aircraft to integrate the new company’s fleet. “However, I clarify that no decision has yet been taken, but that “it is very likely that next year there will be this new airline”.

In addition, he said that the measure would represent the return to Mexico “a symbol and an emblem”. He also stressed that the investigation into the possible future nature of the airline must be expanded. In this sense, he commented that “Mexicana” or another denomination “Having to do with Mexico” would be the best option, although they should analyze the legal feasibility of this company name.

The memory of the Mexicana de Aviação

The name Mexicana drew special attention due to its coincidence with Mexicana de Aviación, a national airline founded in 1921, which definitively ceased operations in 2010. During its last decades of activity, the company remained a mostly state-owned company.

On Wednesday, López Obrador reiterated that “it would be very nice if the name Mexicana de Aviación were used in this company that could be established”. On the other hand, he promised to consult the former employees of the defunct company and talk with them about the status of the processes for dismissal without just cause.

However, he clarified that the Mexican government could not support a full rescue of the company. “We are going to rescue the city, the people”, he said, true to his style, adding: “We have to seek to invest where there are benefits for the nation”.

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