Neymar reveals goals and sends a strong message to rivals PSG and the Brazilian team

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The forward has an impressive start to the season with 11 goals and nine assists in 13 games played

Neymar aims for Champions League and World Cup (Photo: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)
Neymar aims for Champions League and World Cup (Photo: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

where it goes, Neymar is always the center of attention. For many, the problem is that this is not just about the four lines. Because of his social life, the star of PSG and gives Brazilian Team ends up being targeted for good and for bad.

At the beginning of the season, on the field, at least, he has been constantly praised. With 11 goals scored and nine assists in 13 games, Neymar has left football fans PSG confident by the title of Champions and Brazilians dreaming of the hexa.

In an interview with “PSG TV”, the Brazilian striker took advantage of the great form to warn that the desire for this season is to conquer everything he can. With that, Neymar’s opponents will have to take care of themselves when facing him.

“I’m very excited and happy for having started well and for the games we’ve been doing so much in Paris Saint-Germain how much in Brazilian Team. It’s a goal this year, to win with both teams, to win everything with the PSGwin everything with the Brazilian team”, said the striker.

“We have a world Cup coming, we know how difficult it is, but I have a big dream of winning. And I’m waiting for Champions Leaguewhich I’m sure the PSG soon less will be able to”, he added.

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