Nobel Peace Prize goes to imprisoned Belarusian activist Ales Bialiatski, Russian organization Memorial and Ukrainian organization Center for Civil Liberties | World

The Belarusian activist Ales Bialiatskythe Russian international organization for human rights Memorial and the Ukrainian organization Center for Civil Liberties won the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize, announced this Friday (7).

According to the organizers, the winners “represent civil society in their countries of origin.”

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“The Nobel Prize committee wanted to honor three champions of human rights, democracy and peaceful co-existence in neighboring Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. They honor Alfred Nobel’s vision of peace and coexistence, a vision so needed in the world today “, declared the committee.

Winners of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. — Photo: Disclosure

  • Who is Ales Bialiatski and what do the Russian and Ukrainian entities that won the Nobel Peace Prize do?

One of the winners, Ales Bialiatski is currently imprisoned in Belarus.. Founder of the Center for Human Rights Viasna (which means spring), he is one of the main names in the opposition to the current president of the countryAleksandr Lukashenko, an ally of Vladimir Putin and frequently accused of persecuting and arresting opponents and violating human rights in the country.

Belarusian Ales Bialiatski, winner of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize. — Photo: Reuters

Bialiatski, who is dedicated to promoting democracy and peaceful development in Belarus, was also one of the founders of the democratic movement that emerged in the country in the mid-1980s. In 1996, he created Viasna in response to controversial constitutional amendments that gave Lukashenko dictatorial powers and sparked widespread demonstrations..

After the announcement, Nobel organizers called on the country’s authorities to release the activist.

Shortly after the award, the spokeswoman for the Belarusian opposition stated that Bialiatsky is currently being held “in inhumane conditions”. The country’s opposition leader, Pavel Latushko, said the Nobel had recognized “all political prisoners in Belarus”.

“(The prize) is not just for him (Bialiatski), but for all the political prisoners we currently have in Belarus,” he declared.

Facade of the Human Rights Organization of Russia Memorial, one of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize winners, in Moscow. — Photo: Reuters

already the Ukrainian Civil Liberties Center declared that he was “proud” to be one of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize laureates. “Morning with good news. We are proud”, declared the center, in its account in a social network.

The Germany office of russian memorial organization also spoke about the award, which he called “a recognition of our work on Human Rights and especially of our colleagues in Russia, who have suffered and are suffering unspeakable attacks and repression”.

The Nobel Peace Prize, worth 10 million Swedish kronor (about R$ 4.7 million) will be awarded in Oslo on December 10, which is the date of the anniversary of the death of the Swedish Alfred Nobel, who founded the prizes. in his will of 1895.

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