Nubank opens job vacancies exclusively for women; check out

O Nubank announced the hiring of cis or trans women for information security. The disclosure took place last Monday (3), and highlights that the selection process will take place remotely.

Hack Her_Way recruits women with junior and full experience levels. In addition, according to information from the digital bank, candidates with any training will be accepted. In other words, only experience counts for positions.

See what the prerequisites are

The candidate must have:

  • Basic programming skills, in any language;
  • Basic knowledge of information security strategies;
  • Interest or experience in information security.

In case of doubt, interested women will be able to follow a live that the Nubank will do on the 6th of October. In addition, candidates will do individual and group exercises.

Profile searched by Nubank

Fintech is looking for women (cis and trans) or who have transfeminine gender identities who:

  • Are interested in information security engineering or experience in this area of ​​knowledge;
  • Are available to work 100% remotely under the CLT regime;
  • Have basic programming skills, in any language;
  • Have basic knowledge of at least one of the information security strategies: offensive, defensive, applications, infrastructure (cloud or endpoints) or intelligence of internal and external threats;
  • Interested in learning English or prior knowledge of the language (Nubank offers NuLanguage, an in-house language program).

Stages of the selection process

Check out the steps below:

  • From the 3rd to the 9th of October: Registration;
  • October 6th: Live at 7pm to ask questions;
  • From the 10th to the 16th of October: Individual exercise;
  • November 5th: Group exercise;
  • From the 14th to the 18th of November: Individual interviews.

Nubank extended warranty

Gold credit card users or Ultraviolet from Nubank can count on the extended warranty service. The feature is offered by the device brand, Matercard. Thus, it is necessary to pay attention to the deadlines and the activation of the functionality.

To access Mastercard’s extended warranty, it is necessary to issue the Secure Ticket. This is a document available on the operator’s official website. If the product has a problem, the document is required.

According to fintech, the maximum amount of coverage corresponds to US$ 200 in incident cases and US$ 400 in 12 months. The service can be applied to purchases made in physical and virtual stores. The rules apply to both the Gold and Ultraviolet card.

In practice, the guarantee of Nubank is usually double that offered by the factory. That is, if the store warranty lasts for six months, by the institution it becomes 12 months. Therefore, the maximum amount will be higher, at US$ 2,500 per incident or US$ 5,000 per year.

However, the customer is covered for repair, replacement and refund costs. For users of the Ultravioleta card, cashback with a yield of 200% of the CDI and access to the VIP Room at Guarulhos airport is still available.

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