Possibility of cyclone becoming a hurricane threatens Colombia and Venezuela – News

According to a new statement from the National Hurricane Center, a possible tropical cyclone has formed in the Caribbean and a tropical storm watch has been issued for the coast of Colombia. The system, which does not yet have a well-defined center at the moment, is expected to become more organized as it moves westward in the coastal regions of Venezuela and Colombia.

According to the alert, the cyclone Named “THREE”, it is located over the south-central Caribbean Sea, and the possibility of a hurricane formation is that it will occur in the next 48 hours. PTC Thirteen is forecast to strengthen on Friday morning (10/07) into a tropical storm.

Hurricanes are always formed in the waters of the oceans, they are tropical cyclones, just like typhoons, and have their origin in the same way as rain. Hurricanes can last up to a week and, when they reach the coast, they cause great destruction, with winds that can exceed 200 km/h.

Hurricane Catarina in March 2004. Photo Reproduction/International Space Station (ISS)

A tropical cyclone occurs when winds exceed 119 km/h between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. If it forms near Central and North America, it is called a hurricane, but if it forms in the Pacific Ocean, near Asia, Hawaii, and Oceania, it is called a typhoon.

Regardless of where they form, there is a list that governs the naming of the phenomenon, which currently has 126 names. The names are chosen by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), which has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The WMO chooses common names for people in English, Spanish and French, as these are the languages ​​spoken in the countries most affected by hurricanes.

The next name for storms is Julia, listed for storms in the Atlantic.

Featured Photo: Reproduction/Zoom Earth

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