PSG owner breaks the silence and talks about the possibility of buying Flamengo

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The group that controls PSG is eyeing more clubs in world football

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A great sporting and financial power in Brazilian football, Flamengo could become part of the company that controls PSG, another great sporting and financial power, but in European football. Although becoming a company club is not in Flamengo’s plans, the ‘big boss’ who puts money in PSG is interested in having Flamengo’s rights in the future. At least, it was this information that gained traction on the web in recent days.

The strong interest in Flamengo is due to the fact that the club is the biggest power in terms of size of Brazilian football. Fla has everything that Ligue 1 club owners are looking for: size, tradition, crowd and money.

The carioca club, in turn, says it is focused on the finals of the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores and, at the moment, there is nothing between the parties. Fla also has no intention of becoming a company club in the future, although clubs in Brazil increasingly adopt this system.

Will PSG buy Flamengo?

Faced with the possible interest in buying Flamengo, the owner of the French club, in contact with Rádio Itatiaia, denied the rumors and said that, at the moment, he has no interest in buying the giant from Rio de Janeiro.

However, the possibility of buying another club from Brazil is still in the sights of the club’s owners, as they want to rival Grupo City, the possible new owner of Bahia.

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