Reporter comes out as trans woman live on TV on the biggest channel

Reporter vented and assumed fear of revealing that she was trans

the reporter Nora JS Reichardtonly 24 years old, journalist Location 5 Newsin Des Moines, Iowa, USA, had an emotional moment when she came out as a trans woman during a live broadcast on the day she legally changed her name.

In the news where she works, the journalist who reported the news on the channel since July of last year with a different name, evaluated that she had not believed for a long time that she would be able to reveal her identity on air.

“I didn’t know if there was a place and space for me to do the work I enjoy and love, while at the same time being myself. (…) It’s hard to describe what it’s like to finally share this. For a long time, my own body felt strange and wrong to me, and the transition was the first time I felt like myself.”

Through social networks, she commented on the important moment in her life. “I’ve been out of the spotlight for a few weeks, but I’m back and I have some news to share. My name is Nora JS Reichardt, and in addition to being an on-air reporter on ‘Local 5 News’, I’m a transgender woman,” she tweeted.

Already on Instagram, the journalist also reflected on reporting her identity on the news she works on: “I am very excited to be back fully as myself to start the next chapter of my life and career. In fact, this has been well known in my Des Moines social circles for several months now, and I finally decided I didn’t want to continue disguising myself at work.”

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For a long time, she said she avoided confronting her gender identity out of fear. “Afraid of what would happen to my career as a TV reporter. Fear of losing friends and family by coming out. Fear for my own safety and personal well-being. Many of my lifelong struggles with depression and anxiety were actually battles with gender dysphoria, even though I didn’t know it at the time. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe – feeling totally disconnected from your own body, like it wasn’t your own – but it was making me miserable,” she said.

Nora JS Reichardt said she had been thinking about her gender identity since high school, but growing up in a rural area and with a lack of information and debate on the subject, Nora “felt lost”.

Ironically, she felt that her work helped her discover this. “Why was I so unhappy every time I saw myself on air? Why didn’t I like the way I looked? And the answer I finally discovered is quite simple – it wasn’t really me. But after finally deciding to take the leap and accept myself for who I am, I am now actually happier than I ever thought possible!” she said.

Reporter Nora JS Reichardt came out as a trans woman on TV (Photo: Reproduction)
Reporter Nora JS Reichardt came out as a trans woman on TV (Photo: Reproduction)

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