Resident Evil: the saga of the characters in the adaptations

The fate of every game adaptation for the big screen is the consistency with its characters. Resident Evil says it, because the saga of games famous for their zombies and biological threats suffered a lot with their characters, when winning productions for the cinema.

the films of resident Evil were very successful and certainly the franchise was explored to the limit. Debuting there in 2002, Resident Evil: The Cursed Guest brought a lot of hype to the RE universe and was the closest to the games, featuring the Umbrella Corporation headquarters and the iconic zombies.

However, if on the one hand the first film is the closest to the games, on the other hand it is also the one that most distanced itself from the franchise considering what is experienced by video games in the following aspect: different characters. Among weak references, cameos that left fans extremely disappointed, characters with superpowers – as happens with Alice (Milla Jovovich), which does not even appear in video games – did not win over the most assiduous gamers.

Now, Resident Evil is coming again in a live action series. The new production will also have no connection with the Resident Evil games, as well as the old movie series that every geek already knows, but promises to wrap the essential core of the franchise in the story. Thinking about it, I bring here some beloved characters in games, but that were little used on the big screen.

Leon Kennedy

Yes, the first place has to be his, the darling of fans of Resident Evil games, in the first series of movies, the character only appears in one of the last movies (Johann Urban), with a pitiful appearance for the character’s potential. I’m sure people who enjoy the franchise’s games also agree that it was better to have left the character out than to do that with him.

Leon (Avan Jogia) reappears in Welcome to Raccoon City, released in 2021, but it didn’t win over fans either – although the director justified it as a “reluctant nerd” version of the cop. the production of Johannes Roberts was also not successful with fans of the previous films, probably for not bringing Alice as the protagonist.

Claire Redfield

With a little more acting than Leon, Claire (Ali Larter) appears in two films in the franchise: Resident Evil 3: Extinction and Resident Evil 4: Fresh Start. Even so, we cannot compare the importance of the character in the games and her participation in the franchise that always takes the spotlight to Alice.

Chris Redfield’s sister – American agent of the Bioterrorism Security and Assessment Alliance – makes a great partner with Leon in video games and is also considered one of the protagonists of the games, being a playable character in two titles in the saga, Resident Evil 2: Scenario A and also Resident Evil 2: Scenario B.

Claire also appears in Welcome to Raccoon City being played by Kaya Scodelariobut, like Leon, didn’t like it.

Albert Wesker

Not only were the good guys a disaster on the big screen, but the villains too, as is the case with Albert Wesker, the evil genius behind many problems in the Resident Evil games saga. The character’s participation (Shawn Roberts) in the movies can be considered shameful for having diminished the antagonist too much, even in his apex of combat scenes.

The well-built and respected villain in games is one of the characters that would be better left out of the big screen, so as not to be spoiled. However, Wesker is back in the series. Netflix and will be interpreted by Lance Reddick. We can only hope that he receives the glory he deserves as an antagonist in the RE universe.

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