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Healing Rogério Ceni’s despondency after the runner-up in the Copa Sudamericana is one of the missions of the São Paulo board in this final stretch of the Brazilian Championship. The coach, who has a contract signed until the end of 2023, still leaves open the continuity in the club.

In an interview with gefootball director Carlos Belmonte tried to explain the coach’s “mourning” process after the runner-up of the Copa Sudamericana.

According to the manager, the club “will respect the decision” of Ceni. The uncertainty will continue for the next few weeks, at first.

– I talked to Rogério again in the locker room. We finished three championships, with two finals, a semifinal and we are fighting for Libertadores. We want Rogério to continue, we think that the continuity of the work can bear fruit. But, for our part, we have Rogério until December 2023 – commented Belmonte.

Ceni is still in the process of mourning the defeat in the Sudamericana final — Photo: Gilson Junio/AGIF

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The manager spoke with Rogério Ceni after the 2-1 victory over América-MG, at Independência. On the agenda, I reinforce the evolution of São Paulo in the season, despite the defeat in the finals of Paulista and Sul-Americana.

There is confidence that Ceni will be in charge of São Paulo to continue the process of rebuilding the team, although the coach himself still shows dejection and puts the “I stay” in check.

– Rogério is a perfectionist, he doesn’t accept defeat, which is good, but he suffers a lot from defeat. Rogério was more depressed than the cast, first because he has a history in São Paulo, second because he is a perfectionist. Each of us on the board has to put things in place to continue.

Carlos Belmonte talks about financial problems and Ceni's future in São Paulo

Carlos Belmonte talks about financial problems and Ceni’s future in São Paulo

– It is not enough to be a point of conviction. We have complete confidence that he will continue and we will have more chances to fight for the titles that did not come next season with the continuity of the work – added the manager.

On Ceni’s side, the pain for the defeat is still visible in the expression of the coach, who, even with the second consecutive victory away from home in the Brasileirão, was still depressed by the weekend’s defeat to Del Valle.

About the future, Ceni says it will be “game after game”, starting with the victory over América-MG and going through Sunday’s confrontation against Botafogo, in Morumbi.

– You are brooding. It hurts a lot. I think this victory today makes us try to keep going, to have strength for Sunday. Let’s live game after game. It’s only one spot in Libertadores for many teams, but let’s try, time is short – said Ceni.

São Paulo reached 40 points on the leaderboard, with 29 games played (one less than rivals). The Tricolor occupies the tenth place.

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