Second round: poll points Wilson Lima 16 points ahead of Braga

MANAUS – Research released this Friday (7) by Instituto Pontual Pesquisas shows the first survey of voting intentions for the second round of elections for the governor of Amazonas. In the result, the candidate for reelection, Wilson Lima (União Brasil), appears with 58% of the preference of valid votes, while Eduardo Braga (MDB) has 42%.

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In total, 1,996 voters, aged 16 or over and able to vote, were interviewed between October 3rd and 5th in the cities of Manaus, Itacoatiara, Manacapuru, Parintins, Coari, Tefé, Maués, Iranduba, Tabatinga and Manicoré. The method used was a cross-sectional quantitative research.

Registered with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) under number AM-07659/2022. The responsible statistician is Alice Assis, with record 9079 in CONRE-7.

Thus, Wilson opens the way and starts the second round with an advantage of 16 percentage points.

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In the first round of the elections, Wilson Lima obtained 819,784 votes against Braga’s 401,817. And the candidate for reelection got 417,967 votes ahead of Eduardo Braga, proving the leadership of Wilson Lima, in the voting intentions.

Next week, Pontual Pesquisas should release a new survey for the second round of elections.

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