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Charlie Cox returns as Daredevil in the MCU during the eighth episode of She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes on Disney+.

After Charlie Cox’s appearance as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Return Home, Daredevil is back in She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes, with his first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with a different look from the character’s series. originally on Netflix. This cameo took place in the eighth episode of She-Hulk, titled “Croaking and Leaping”.

The Daredevil series, originally aired on Netflix, ran for three seasons and was canceled in 2018, leaving fans and even the cast disappointed with the decision – and calling for Charlie Cox to return to the role. The production is currently available in the Disney+ catalog and Charlie Cox made his first appearance in the MCU in Spider-Man: No Return Home, returning in She-Hulk.

In the episode, Matt Murdock (Cox), a lawyer, appears to help defend Luke Jacobson (Griffin Matthews) after Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) has to take him to court over a lawsuit by his Frog-Man client. Initially, they end up getting into combat, with Daredevil’s new look revealed, but later they work together and become romantically involved.

Is Daredevil of the Marvel Cinematic Universe the same as the Netflix series?

Since the confirmation of Charlie Cox’s return as Matt Murdock / Daredevil in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have been wondering if this version in the franchise will be the same as the series of the character originally shown on Netflix, which may have been confirmed in She-Hulk.

On a article published on the official Marvel website, it’s practically confirmed that this Daredevil is the same one we’ve been tracking previously. “Jennifer Walters has finally found her match in Matt Murdock. While the character was teased earlier in the season, he was finally reintroduced to audiences in Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk Episode 8 – and he’s the same Matt Murdock audiences knew and loved over the years, once again played by Charlie Cox returning to the role”.

Also, the eighth episode of She-Hulk gave some hints for this. Daredevil appears with a new look, a vigilante uniform with red and gold colors, unlike the all-red outfit from the original series. Despite this, the model looks the same as the one worn by him previously, including the same helmet and bulletproof vest. It is worth remembering that the look of the character in the series did not depend only on the executive producers of the series, but on Marvel Studios itself, in addition to that these color changes were added to the plot by the superhero tailor Luke Jacobson.

One of the most interesting clues is that the Daredevil series’ theme song is played quickly throughout the episode, just like the music from the X-Men animation in Ms. Marvel. Finally, there is still a reference to the final scene of Daredevil season 3. At the beginning of the eighth episode, as Jennifer Walters and Matt Murdock drink together, he reveals that he’s still working on Hell’s Kitchen on a pro bono basis – harkening back to the moment when Foggy Nelson and Karen Page suggest he work with them again to help those who need it. cannot pay their court fees.

After She-Hulk, Charlie Cox returns to his MCU role in Daredevil: Born Again, a new 18-episode series that once again puts Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin in a new story that will not be a continuation of the Netflix series, but actually “a fresh start” for the character. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio will still be in Echo, the series focused on Maya Lopez / Echo (Alaqua Cox), which was introduced in the MCU in the series Hawkeye, starring Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld.

Check out our interview with Charlie Cox during AdoroCinema’s presence at D23:

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