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Wanderson scored to ensure Sport’s victory over Brusque, in the last round of Série B, but ended up overshadowing his own goal with an unusual scene: he forgot his teammate’s name. A few days after the match, this Thursday, on Ilha do Retiro, the story came back to life.

– I knew I was going to have that question – Wanderson said with a laugh, during the press conference at the club.

“At the time there, I was blanked out in the interview. I think it’s part of it. Let the one who has never forgotten a teammate something like that throw the first stone”, joked the athlete.

Wanderson vibrates with victory and tries to explain the goal: "I'll have to look again in the replay"

Wanderson vibrates with victory and tries to explain the goal: “I’ll have to look again in the replay”

The forgotten companion had been Javier Parraguez. The striker was again called by coach Claudinei Oliveira and assisted Wanderson’s goal, scored to guarantee the victory over Brusque.

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When asked about the goal, Wanderson didn’t know how to explain the move and even blocked – twice – when he tried to quote the Chilean’s assistance.

– It was a goal that I’ll also have to look at later in the replay there because the pass from… from… (Reporter says “Buffalo”) From Buffalo there… From Buffalo, sorry, it was perfect for me to get high . And… I think I hit the ball there… But the guy hit my foot, something like that, I just know that I hit the ball and it went in – he said at the time.

Wanderson, from Sport, curls up in an interview after scoring a goal – Photo: Reproduction

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Despite the sudden “forgetfulness”, Wanderson’s goal still drew attention to a positive factor linked to the striker: Sport’s solution once again came off the bench. The athlete, however, prefers to adopt a cautious position. He recognizes the scenario, but also praises those who are starting in the field.

– Several games we decided at the end with everyone who was entering the second half and I’m part of that too. But the whole team is to be congratulated. In the second half, the game is more open, so it’s the easiest time to settle the match. I’m happy to be able to help, but we can’t help but congratulate those who are starting the matches.

Brusque x Sport Wanderson — Photo: Rafael Bandeira/Sport

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