T-shirt developed in the USA promises to make people invisible; understand how technology works!

With the advancement of technology, things that seem impossible start to be created. In this way, science is moving towards the future. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has built an impressive new project. The University, considered by some rankings as the best university in the world, shows that it is possible to make a person invisible through artificial intelligence.

So, see how it developed and the features of the new technology.

MIT introduces new artificial intelligence technology. Photo: publicity

MIT-developed shirt promises to make people invisible

Olhar Digital was at the MIT-IBM Watson Al Lab in Massachusetts to learn about the new artificial intelligence projects that are being developed. Thus, one of the technologies presented consists of a shirt that can make people invisible in front of security cameras. In this way, the shirt has a print that allows the security cameras of a certain system to not be able to read the information. Therefore, whoever is using the object cannot be seen.

In addition, the shirt printing was done in order to recognize fabric folds or distortions. Therefore, there is no chance of her being seen on camera at all. The project researcher, then, reveals that the technology was created in order to consider, in addition to geometric modeling, also different poses that whoever is using it will do. The researchers also calculated the different lighting conditions, such as sunny or cloudy days and indoor or outdoor environments.

In addition, the researcher highlights the possible uses of the shirt. First of all, it is thought that it can be very useful for robberies, since the thief can get away with it. However, the model’s artificial intelligence also allows activists to flee from persecution by totalitarian governments.

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Find out more about the event

The event in question takes place in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and its focus is to hold a meeting of journalists from Latin America with IBM. Thus, communicators could acquire new knowledge about cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. In addition, Olhar Digital was the only representative of Brazil present. Also, the event was divided into two days and also into two themes. Olhar Digital reveals that it was not possible to take pictures but that the experience is incredible.

In addition to the invisibility shirt, they were part of a hacker attack simulation. This happened on the first day, at Cyber ​​Range. The place is a command center with several different stations. Thus, its creation took place to train security professionals and also the company’s own executives.

Journalists were then put to do their own jobs as if a hacker attack was actually taking place. The goal, therefore, was for everyone to feel under pressure. So they should deal with the situation while it was still happening and take a variety of positions to prevent the company’s shares from falling and personal data from being released.

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