The polling function begins to be tested in WhatsApp Beta

As of last Saturday the 1st, WhatsApp developers are now testing a new polling feature that has been added to the version WhatsApp Beta, for both Android and iOS. Innovation will be very useful in groups, especially when members are trying to decide on a certain subject, such as food and entertainment, for example.

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What is WhatsApp Beta and how does it work?

The Beta version of WhatsApp allows developers to find bugs and make necessary adjustments to new app features. A limited number of seats are available on Android and iPhone for users who will receive new features before the rest of the user base.

App changes are anticipated through this beta. It is possible to cite a very useful example, known to everyone, that allows you to use WhatsApp Web even when the cell phone is disconnected from the internet.

The development of polls

The query functionality has been evolving since March of this year. However, it has only recently started to be made available to beta owners. If you belong to this group, please check that the following WhatsApp versions have been updated: (Android), (iPhone).

It only remains to wait to see if your WhatsApp will be working with the polls feature. Everything indicates that the developers are just testing the novelty with a small group of beta testers. There is nothing you can do if you are not chosen in this process, just wait.

How will this feature work?

The polling functionality on WhatsApp will be the same as on Telegram, which has long had the ability to carry out polls in its groups. As a result, you can create ballots with up to 12 voting options. The next step is to wait for the group members to vote on the option they believe to be the best and they will be displayed in real time. After the user selects one of the options, the message sender will display a graph showing the percentage of each option.

There is also a button called “View Votes” that the user who created the poll can access additional information about voting for any of the available items by clicking on it. It is essential to make it clear that those who have not updated the application or received the latest update will not have this feature and will not be able to interact with it.

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