“There’s a little detour there”; VAR audio about Gil’s offside is exposed by CBF and causes Corinthians revolt


Lance generated a lot of controversy and the situation got even worse after the referees’ speech reached Timão’s ears

Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF - Gil starred in a move that could have given Corinthians the victory.
Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF – Gil starred in a move that could have given Corinthians the victory.

O Corinthians entered the field last Tuesday (4), in the opening of the 31st round of the Brazilian Championship, against the lantern Juventude, at Alfredo Jaconi, seeking to stay within the G-4. The team led by Vítor Pereira was 2 times ahead of the score, but allowed the opponent’s reaction and ended up in a 2-2 draw.

However, a specific move generated a lot of discussion, precisely because it was annulled by VAR after an analysis, canceling the penalty scored after an offside by Gil. In the video, as soon as Fagner makes the cross, the defender is clearly a little ahead, but a light touch from Jean would have given conditions, something that raised questions.

The CBF released the audio from the booth, making clear the speech of the referees: “And there’s a small deviation there, but he doesn’t get to play. From the player himself. So come back here, let’s eat 2 to confirm, said. Thus, it is proven that the Juventude player would have slipped on the ball, something that would nullify the initial offside of the beque.

On social media, journalist Tomás Rosolino had given his opinion before listening to the VAR audio: “I reiterate my opinion, alerted by a friend. Jean, with time and intention to play, sweeps the ball. Technical error of the steering wheel removes Gil’s impediment by the rule. VAR blunderbegan, completing with another publication after the disclosure:

“The VAR analysis came out. The referee saw the deviation, but considered that Jean “didn’t play”. I didn’t understand anything”, he wrote. In the comments, Corinthians fans were outraged: “Once again a case of error against Corinthians involving referee Wagner Magalhães, the same as the hand penalty from behind Piton and the final of CdBr against Cruzeiro, to mention the most recent”posted a Corinthians fan, who was followed by another: “Let me get this straight: the guy DOWS THE BALL in an attempt to HIT IT, but he supposedly DIDN’T PLAY? What a circus”.

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