These 4 traits can indicate the level of your intelligence

Passing college or a contest is considered by many to be a good indicator of level of intelligence, but actually this is not the only parameter to watch out for. Therefore, some factors can be observed to conclude if the person has a high IQ. With that, we brought some of these characteristics that can help determine this level. Do you have at least 1 of these 4 factors?

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4 characteristics of intelligence

In addition to the various existing studies to define intelligence, today we brought some relationships that science can provide us with information. This time, features that go far beyond logic were used. Check out the 4 topics below and check if you have any of these factors:

the firstborn son

A scientific research carried out at the University of Leipzig, located in Germany, revealed that the personality of the older brother in relation to the younger ones is not altered, but intelligence has considerable divergences. To explain this difference, the stimulus to responsibility from an early age was related to some aspects of family dynamics such as taking care of the house or siblings, for example.

have blue eyes

Did you know that having blue eyes also impacts the intellect? Studies link this lack of eye pigmentation with intelligence, normally light-eyed people may be prone to a more advanced level of understanding.

The height

Is your boss tall? Taller people end up having more aptitude to lead and communicate and therefore end up having more access to information and education. That’s why taller people get better jobs.

body symmetry

Less symmetry has become synonymous with intelligence. Facial and body symmetry can help you to develop well within the corporation, so the highest positions can be conquered by these “imperfect” people.

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