what does Apple mean by using this term?

Depending on the releases, some devices from apple stop receiving updates. In general, this period considers at least 5 years after the debut of a new model on the market.

Thus, every year some iPhone is considered “vintage”, a term used by the company itself to designate these old cell phones that still work, but with restrictions.

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How long does an iPhone go out of date?

Despite being labeled ”old” after 5 decades, most features fall into disuse after 7 years, due to lack of updates.

The operating system is no longer configured according to the new mechanisms, making it difficult for certain applications to operate. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of this information when purchasing a iPhone used.

Entering the “vintage” list

Apple smartphones are considered vintage for 2 years, after completing 5 years and begin to receive the obsolete label when they become outdated.

This year, the iPhone 6 joined that list on September 30th, after the iPhone Plus, categorized in that description, on February 15th. Those who still use this version will have a few more months before they fall into disuse.

Is it still worth buying iPhone 6?

Looking for savings, many want to purchase older versions, but you need to be careful with such purchases.

iOS 12, installed on iPhone 6has efficient features and offers some advantages as long as the battery is not failing.

However, do some research evaluating the cost benefit of newer models, evaluating possible maintenance in the future.

Remember that after 7 years, Apple issues an official notice informing users of the end of support, regardless of the purchase date.

So, consider checking which is the best scenario: getting that discounted iPhone that has less durability or a new cell phone, 100% up to date?

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