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The columnists of UOL Esporte believe that Palmeiras’ advantage in the leadership of the Brasileirão will be maintained at the end of the 31st round. In the opinion of nine of the 11, the team led by Abel Ferreira will beat Atlético-GO, away from home, in the match that will take place on Monday (10).

The advantage will remain 12 points because Inter, second in the Brasileirão, is also favorite to beat Goiás, on Sunday (9), in Beira-Rio. Of the 11 columnists, nine believe in the Gaucho victory – Julio Gomes and Rodrigo Coutinho believe that the duel will end in a draw.

The only unanimity in the round is the belief that Fortaleza will beat Avaí on Sunday (9), at 16h. All the columnists who gave their opinion bet on the victory of the team led by Juan Pablo Vojvoda.

So, do you already have your guesses for the 31st round of the Brasileirão? Check out the journalists’ comments:

Saturday (8)

Cuiabá vs Flamengo – 7pm

Alicia Klein – Flamengo
Amara Moira – draw
Danilo Lavieri – Flamengo
Julio Gomes – draw
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Flamengo
Menon – Flemish
Milly Lacombe – Flamengo
Milton Neves – draw
Renato Maurício Prado – Flamengo
Rodrigo Coutinho – draw
Vitor Guedes – draw

Corinthians vs Athletico – 9pm

Alicia Klein – Corinthians
Amara Moira – Athletico
Danilo Lavieri – Corinthians
Julio Gomes – draw
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Corinthians
Menon – Corinthians
Milly Lacombe – Corinthians
Milton Neves – Athletico
Renato Maurício Prado – Corinthians
Rodrigo Coutinho – draw
Vitor Guedes – Corinthians

Sunday (9/10)

Inter vs Goias – 11am

Alicia Klein – Inter
Amara Moira – Inter
Danilo Lavieri – Inter
Julio Gomes – draw
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Inter
Menon – Inter
Milly Lacombe – Inter
Milton Neves – Inter
Renato Maurício Prado – Inter
Rodrigo Coutinho – draw
Vitor Guedes – Inter

Sao Paulo vs Botafogo – 10/9

Alicia Klein – tie
Amara Moira – Sao Paulo
Danilo Lavieri – draw
Julio Gomes – Sao Paulo
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Sao Paulo
Menon – Sao Paulo
Milly Lacombe – tie
Milton Neves – Sao Paulo
Renato Maurício Prado – Botafogo
Rodrigo Coutinho – Sao Paulo
Vitor Guedes – Sao Paulo

Fortaleza vs Avaí – 16h

Alicia Klein – Fortaleza
Amara Moira – Fortaleza
Danilo Lavieri – Fortaleza
Julio Gomes – Fortaleza
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Fortaleza
Menon – Fortress
Milly Lacombe – Fortaleza
Milton Neves – Fortaleza
Renato Maurício Prado – Fortaleza
Rodrigo Coutinho – Fortaleza
Vitor Guedes – Fortaleza

Coritiba vs Bragantino – 6pm

Alicia Klein – tie
Amara Moira – Bragantino
Danilo Lavieri – Bragantino
Julio Gomes – Coritiba
Rodolfo Rodrigues – draw
Menon – Coritiba
Milly Lacombe – Bragantino
Milton Neves – draw
Renato Maurício Prado – Bragantino
Rodrigo Coutinho – draw
Vitor Guedes – Coritiba

Atlético-MG vs Ceará – 18h

Alicia Klein – Atletico MG
Amara Moira – draw
Danilo Lavieri – Atletico MG
Julio Gomes – Atletico MG
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Atletico MG
Menon – tie
Milly Lacombe – Atlético-MG
Milton Neves – Atlético-MG
Renato Maurício Prado – Atlético-MG
Rodrigo Coutinho – Atletico MG
Vitor Guedes – Atletico MG

Fluminense vs América-MG – 18h

Alicia Klein – Fluminense
Amara Moira – Fluminense
Danilo Lavieri – Fluminense
Julio Gomes – draw
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Fluminense
Menon – tie
Milly Lacombe – Fluminense
Milton Neves – Fluminense
Renato Maurício Prado – draw
Rodrigo Coutinho – Fluminense
Vitor Guedes – Fluminense

Monday (10)

Atlético-GO vs Palmeiras – 18:30

Alicia Klein – Palmeiras
Danilo Lavieri – Palmeiras
Julio Gomes – Palmeiras
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Palmeiras
Menon – tie
Milly Lacombe – tie
Milton Neves – Palmeiras
Renato Maurício Prado – Palmeiras
Rodrigo Coutinho – Palmeiras
Vitor Guedes – Palmeiras

Santos vs Youth – 8pm

Alicia Klein – Santos
Amara Moira – Santos
Danilo Lavieri – Santos
Julio Gomes – Santos
Rodolfo Rodrigues – Santos
Menon – tie
Milly Lacombe – Santos
Milton Neves – Santos
Renato Maurício Prado – Santos
Rodrigo Coutinho – Santos
Victor Guedes – Santos

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