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It all started in May, with a bizarre appearance at the Billboard Music Awards. Cara Delevingne should not have been the star of the musical gala. This highlight should have gone to the musicians and artists. That is not what happened.

The actress and model seemed to be everywhere, almost always inconvenient. Between flirtations to Megan Thee Stallion on the red carpet, to the photos taken on the floor of the famous, in a paparazzi pose. There was a little bit of everything, to the point of visibly irritating everyone around her.

His curious behavior was already a topic of conversation behind the scenes in the show business. The verdict, dictated “The Daily Beast”, could only be one: Delevingne is “the weirdest and most unwanted party girl in Hollywood”. But what started out as an authentic factory of hilarious memes, turned into a worrying case.

The Brit exploded in 2012 after winning the Model of the Year award at the British Fashion Awards. The year in which she also launched her career as an actress, with a small role in “Anna Karenina”. Over the next decade, she played both camps—successfully. She was on the cover of all fashion magazines and participated in films like “Suicide Squad”, “Tulip Fever” or “Her Smell”.

And for a normal Hollywood personality, controversies are already a second skin. She has commented several times on her teenage battle with depression; she was one of the women who revealed she was harassed by Harvey Weinstein; and just this year she was one of the unexpected actors in the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, when her possible three-way relationship with the actress and Elon Musk was discussed during the deposition phase.

Nothing could predict what would happen in September, with the actress’ behavior becoming increasingly erratic and worrying. In early September, Delevingne was caught alone, in her car, smoking something through a pipe, which alternated with a small dropper, from which she sipped an unknown liquid. All this in the middle of one of the busiest avenues in Los Angeles.

Shamelessly, she changed her clothes right there, in the car, before leaving to visit a sex shop. On the body, the bruises were undisguisable and worried the fans.

It starts to be normal to see Delevingne in this state

Even the most recent photos were under review and Delevingne was already wreaking more havoc. The 30-year-old actress was once again caught in an unusual situation, at the jets of the stars airport, in Van Nuys, where she was seen arriving barefoot, with visible dark circles and, once again, smoking something through a pipe. The strangest came later.

With the help of the assistant, Delevingne crawled onto Jay-Z’s private jet, only to leave after 45 minutes without the plane taking off. The same route was taken for their bags, which were placed inside, to be later removed again.

The increasingly common mishaps led friends and acquaintances to begin to show concern for the model and actress who has done little more than live at parties. One of them, the famous Burning Man, was the scene of some of her oddities, as revealed by “The Daily Mail”.

Without showering or stopping to eat, the festival in the desert will have been a frenzy. “Her friends are worried about her erratic behavior, but she has a good group around her. Her sister was at the festival with her,” revealed a source close to the actress.

Delevingne also suffers from attention deficit disorder, which many attribute to the nervous mannerisms he has shown over the past few weeks. Not everyone agrees and the signs have been increasingly worrying.

Missing the launch of your own clothing collection was the ultimate red flag that many feared. Even with the entire stage set up and prepared to display the Cara Loves Karl capsule collection — a collaboration with the house of Lagerfeld — there were no signs of the model, who ended up not attending.

The model arrived at the airport barefoot and visibly upset.

He also failed to attend the Emmys, alongside the cast of the series “Only Murders in the Building”, of which he is a part. The days that followed were filled with rumors and speculation, which intensified when friend Margot Robbie was seen leaving Delevingne’s house visibly shaken and tearful.

Between requests for interventions and help from the model and actress, little more was seen of her in recent weeks, until she appeared recomposed at the Parisian launch of her collection. However, the calm will only be superficial.

According to “The Post”, which cites a source in the fashion industry, an “intervention” on the part of the family is being prepared. It’s just that Delevingne’s alleged drug use is not new.

In 2015, she herself addressed the rumors, born two years earlier, when a photographer caught her with a small bag of white powder. “I was a kid,” she told The New York Times. “I’m still a kid, but I’m lucky and I think everyone needs a slap every now and then, a way to remind ourselves that no one is invincible. That’s what it meant to me.”

Despite admitting to having consumed, he stressed that he was completely drug-free. “I want to be very clear: I am as far away from drugs as possible and what happened in the past is past, it no longer exists.”

Her situation has been compared to that of her mother, Pandora, a self-proclaimed former drug addict, who struggled with drugs during her daughter’s childhood. The fact that she was born into a wealthy family with connections to the aristocracy did not relieve Delevingne of much trauma.

In addition to having to watch her mother struggle, she suffered from several depressive episodes during her adolescence. “Everyone has been through situations in their family. My life was very stressful because there was a lot of chaos, I never knew if people were okay or not”, she revealed to “Harper’s Bazaar”.

The roller coaster is the one that seems to insist on not stopping and, with or without intervention, Delevingne continues on his tour of the world. This time, chaos landed in Buenos Aires, where he went out to dinner with Margot Robbie at the famous Francis Mallmann’s restaurant. On the way out, some paparazzi were waiting for us, but two friends chased one of the men, who ended up breaking his arm and involving the authorities.

And while the party lasts, the fashion industry frowns. “No one in Paris dares to touch him”, reveals a source to “The Post”. “And I can understand why they don’t. In such a situation, they will be accused if they do, but they are also accused if they do nothing. Better keep quiet.”

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