AMC Prepares ‘Marvel Universe’ With Vampires and Witches

Owner of the most profitable film franchise in history, Marvel has become a guide for other producers to develop their own universes. The AMC channel, which already has several projects in the world of The Walking Dead, is now preparing a new multiverse inspired by the work of writer Anne Rice (1941-2021). Vampires and witches are already confirmed and, if they are successful, they can open the doors to werewolves, angels and even mummies!

The first series of the so-called Immortal Universe is Interview with the Vampire, released in the United States last Sunday (2) and renewed for a second season before it even premiered – proof that AMC is betting big on Anne Rice’s adaptations. In January, The Witches of Mayfair, an attraction starring Alexandra Daddario, returns to TV after her praised performance in The White Lotus – which earned her an Emmy nomination this year.

In the very first episode of Interview with the Vampire, there is a reference to the Mayfair family, which makes it clear that the two series are in the same universe and plants the seed for a crossover in the future. Leading the endeavor is producer Mark Johnson, Oscar winner for Rain Man (1988) and responsible for series such as Breaking Bad (2008-2013), Better Call Saul (2015-2022) and Halt and Catch Fire (2014-2017). .

“I am privileged to be able to work on many of Anne Rice’s projects. The wonderful thing is that each of these books is totally different, but they are all tied together in some way. These are works that talk about empowerment, understanding your worth, discovering who you are and who’s against you.”

The idea of ​​building the Immortal Universe was conceived by Anne Rice herself. After Universal Pictures lost the rights to adapt Interview with the Vampire, she and son Christopher Rice began trading the books as a package. AMC bought 18 works at once, including three that mix witches and vampires.

“Hollywood has been trying for a while to bring these books to television, but it’s not easy. We are lucky to have Rolin Jones [criador de Entrevista com o Vampiro] and This Spalding and Michelle Ashford [criadoras de As Bruxas Mayfair] for this mission. Because you don’t want to mess with a story that is so beloved, but you need to make it work in a different medium. I think AMC was very smart to have gone after these works and supported us throughout the process. We respect the books, but we bring the vision of these writers to Anne Rice’s work.”

Another production challenge, in addition to not alienating fans, is to make the series have a cohesion, despite taking place at different times and having discrepant tones. “The books are all under an Anne Rice umbrella, but they are so distinct. What unites them is her writing, the fact that every character is someone you can relate to. They’re all human, even vampires and witches.”

“The problems are love, loneliness, survival, things that everyone faces in their lives. If we can keep that in the series, then we have a way to connect the stories. Not only with easter eggs, but maybe some characters that didn’t necessarily appear in a certain book could be in another series”, promised the producer.

Harry Hamlin, who plays Cortland Mayfair, patriarch of the family that gives the name to The Mayfair Witches, joked that he could transition to the upcoming AMC series. “I’d like to become a vampire. I’ll drop this idea here, in front of all the fans, maybe it works?”, he teased, drawing laughter from the audience and his co-stars.

Interview with Vampiro and As Bruxas Mayfair should be shown on AMC Brasil channel, but they still don’t have a premiere date on Brazilian TV.

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